Youth parliament holds essay contest for 800 students


From Ighomuaye Lucky, Benign

The Edo State Youth Parliament held a preliminary essay writing competition for more than 800 students from across the state to instill in them the culture of reading and creative writing.

Speaking on the theme “The future of security: ways to adopt information and communication technologies in the fight against insecurity; the merits, drawbacks and solutions to the anticipated indifference in its adoption,” at Imaguero Secondary School, Benin, Speaker of Parliament, Rt Hon Osawemwenhio Uwagboe, said students should point out how the technologies of the communication technology (ICT) can be used to fight crime and criminality. in the country.

He also said that the competition will encourage them to think about how each of them can improve the world through technological advancements, as it is now a global village.

Uwagboe said Nigerians would be able to learn from the results of the competition on how each of us can make a difference in the world and bring lasting solutions to the problem of insecurity which has set the country back in the areas of development.

Furthermore, he said the goal of the essay contest was to use the enthusiasm, ingenuity and initiative of the state’s youth to advance a culture of peace and sustainable development.

Uwagboe, speaking on the level of participation of participants in the event, said that it reveals the fact that many young people, despite the evils that have plagued the education system in the country and in the state, in particular , still have a genuine interest in education and determined progress.

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