Why fans think Pedro is darker than Chantel



Pedro and Chantel Jimeno are both embroiled in a messy divorce, but fans of The Family Chantel think only Pedro is behaving sleazy.

Many divorces end up being complicated, but The Chantel family fans think the real nuance will only come from Pedro Jimeno’s side during his ongoing divorce from Chantel Jimeno. the old 90 day fiance the franchise’s golden couple are going their separate ways after Pedro filed for divorce from Chantel on May 27 after their painful breakup played out onscreen for The Chantel family season 4. Although Chantel has a history of drama, many Chantel family fans find Pedro to be the darker half of the former couple when it comes to their breakup.


Chantel and Pedro have gone public with their entire marriage for the past five years. Chantel started off as more of a brawler and more immature, as the American was eager to insert herself into other people’s drama and fight. However, Chantel has matured into a loving and caring registered nurse ready to start a family all on her own. Pedro had quite the opposite transformation, as viewers found him humorous and likeable and supportive of his fitness journey. However, his cruel behavior towards Chantel before their divorce had viewers wondering if he was planning on using Chantel from the start.

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Chantel Jimeno remained calm and elegant

Many 90 day fiance viewers didn’t expect such maturity from Chantel, but she seems to have really changed over the years. Chantel didn’t insult her ex-husband or drag his name through the mud, even though The Chantel family fans turned to him overwhelmingly. In fact, Chantel shocked viewers by protecting Pedro early on. After Pedro allegedly received death threats, Chantel filed a motion to keep their divorce proceedings sealed from the public. Many fans realized that Chantel had been through real grief and just wanted to heal rather than lash out at someone she loved. However, things look different on Pedro’s side.

Pedro Jimeno seems more bothered by the backlash

Although Pedro is the one who left his marriage and left Chantel, The Chantel family the star has again fallen in shadow. Pedro couldn’t help himself when it was rumored that rapper Drake was suing Chantel, and he left a shady comment on his Instagram Story. Many Chantel family fans expected Pedro not to be bothered by Chantel’s passing, especially since Chantel alleged that Pedro was unfaithful, which made his comment even more shady. Pedro also threatened early on to spill the full divorce drama on a podcast, which was the exact opposite of what Chantel did when she asked to seal the divorce. Many Chantel family fans believe that Pedro’s anger and shadow make him similar to his villainous family.

Globally, The Chantel family fans believe Chantel took steps to keep quiet and protect Pedro since she really loved him. On the other hand, Pedro made searches at Chantel’s house even if it was he who hurt her and left her. It made viewers hate Pedro even more than they did afterwards. The Chantel family season 4. While Chantel has won overwhelming fan support for her slick demeanor and growth, Pedro is now being branded as a villain.

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