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Shakespeare in Clark Park is gearing up to feature multiple nights of comedy with The Taming! a comedy in two acts.

From July 27-31 every night at 7 p.m., audiences can watch Shakespeare’s classic “The Taming of the Shrew” as Petruchio tries to tame Kate’s shrewd ways. Resistant at first, she finally gives in, marries him and becomes an obedient wife.

Act II features an adaptation of John Fetcher’s Elizabethan revenge play, “The Tamer Tamed”, a counterpart to Shakespeare’s play written 15 years later.

Shakespeare in Clark Park was formed in 2005 by Marla Burkholder, Maria Moller, Tom Reing and Whitney Estrin as a theater company. One of its primary goals is to present free outdoor productions of Shakespeare’s plays, creating a cultural event accessible to the Clark Park neighborhood and the greater Philadelphia area.

This year, New Orleans native Donovan Lockett appears in both productions. The actress, teacher, and writer, who has called Philadelphia home for some time, appears as a servant in Act I and as Petruchio’s second wife, Maria, in Act 2.

“It’s my debut at Clark Park, and I’m fascinated by how people react to it. It makes me very happy to be a part of it,” she says.

“It started when I saw an ad and responded to it. And one day they let me know that I had been chosen. Lockett remember. “Philly has a lot of wonderful theaters but this one is something special. In a way, you’re playing face-to-face with your audience – which is certainly different. This makes it a very intimate experience. It’s not difficult, but it’s definitely a challenge.

Lockett, who says she was a shy little girl, never imagined acting could become her career. “But when I was seven, I joined my school’s after-school drama club. The experience helped me get out of my shyness and I fell in love with acting. From there, I never really considered another career.

She then earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts and a minor in Writing from Ithaca College. Later, she expressed her talent in various ways, performing in theater, film and television. She has appeared on stage at the Walnut Street Theater, the Horizon Theater, the Philadelphia Theater Company, and more.

She has also taught students across the country, specializing in acting and creative writing residencies. She has recently taught at the Arden Theater Company, Ohio State University, Lantern Theater and others.

Additionally, she is the co-creator of the podcast Black Light the Spotlight, which addresses representation and inclusion in the arts.

When this show ends, Lockett takes the attitude assumed by many actors: “We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.”

But in the meantime, she has some advice to give: “I say take a course. You can never stop learning. And it’s also a way to learn more about your job and the company itself.

“There are a lot of rejections. You have to learn to manage, so having a good support system to rely on can work wonders.

Clark Park is located in West Philadelphia.

In the event of rain, the show will be performed at the Prince Theater at the Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, 3680 Walnut Street.

For more information, visit shakespeareinclarkpark.org.

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