US Air Force and MIT Order Senior AI Pilot for Innovative Project



AI Master Driver Selection Process

The DAF-MIT AI Accelerator team selected a pilot from more than 1,400 applicants. A total of 200 participants were selected to create a diverse group within DAF and other US government organizations. Col. Garry Floyd, director of DAF Artificial Intelligence Accelerator (AIA), said AI will eventually work in combat with officers. He told attendees that “AI is and is coming into the battlespace.” He then asked the participants, “what do we bring and what does the threat of stimulation bring?”

Context of the initiative

The strategy was part of the American AI Initiative which was signed by President Biden in the United States in February 2019. “Continued American leadership in artificial intelligence is of paramount importance to maintaining economic and national security. of the United States,” Biden said. in a report.

In 2020, the AI ​​Accelerator launched 10 comprehensive projects involving the US Air Force and MIT. These strategies were launched as three-year projects and incorporated advanced AI research, such as autonomy for augmentation and weather modeling. In other words, these studies were looking for ways to enhance and complement human intelligence using AI, in order to improve performance.

Collaboration between the Air Force and MIT

DAF and MIT have teamed up to jointly work on the artificial intelligence accelerator. “This collaboration is very much in line with MIT’s core value of service to the nation,” said Maria Zuber, MIT Vice President for Research and EA Griswold Professor of Geophysics.

The project uses expertise from MIT and the Department of the Air Force to research the potential for applying AI algorithms to advance DAF and security. It also focuses on applying innovative AI prototypes and preparing for future military operations using AI.

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