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Event attendees pose for a group photo. Photo by Carlee Christensen.

The Den had the perfect atmosphere – like a cozy cafe with a cozy fireplace accompanied by light background music – for writers from the UAA Creative Writing Club to read their work.

That night, you could see the snow falling through the windows bounded by the industrial architecture. Everyone gathered to listen and read their stories in what seemed like a writer’s dream retreat.

The event was a collaboration between Understory and the Creative Writing Club. Many people were working behind the scenes to make this happen. Nicole Regan, Taylor Morrison and Taylor Heckart are all co-editors of Understory, and they worked alongside Devin Higgins, the president of the Creative Writing Club.

Heckart said, “We thought it would be a really good collaboration with the Creative Writing Club, because they’re great people who produce a lot of writing, and we love publishing writing.”

This event provided good opportunities for both organizations involved. Creative Writing Club writers have the opportunity to submit their work for publication in Understory.

Anyone through UAA can submit as long as you take six credits. Understory editors will review and select student work for publication in the spring, Heckart said. This year’s deadline is December 17, and they accept a wide variety of genres. Additional information can be found on the Understory UAA Page.

In the collaboration, Creative Writing Club was able to enjoy a more public presence. Higgins said, “I absolutely loved having this band. As a creative writing club, we haven’t usually been able to organize events like this. We sort of keep to ourselves, but I really liked having this opportunity to collaborate with another club and to have a little more public presence.

Higgins participated in the event by reading his own play. Their favorite line was the ending, “The last hope I’m talking about is you.” He packs a punch and wraps it all up, Higgins says. Indeed, the last sentence seemed to leave a strong impression.

All the readers were talented writers and they brought something special to this event.

Understory hopes to hold more events: one during Winter Break, then one during Spring Break just before they release in 2023, but nothing is confirmed yet. It will be in the same place at a similar time, Regan said.

If a club is interested in working with Understory, they can email [email protected] People interested in becoming an editor or on the team in the future can contact Ronald Spatz.

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