Twitter is testing a new “Liked by Author” label for tweets – TechCrunch


Twitter is testing a new “Liked by Author” label that appears when the creator of a tweet likes your reply. A reporter from the TechCrunch team spotted the new label in the Twitter Android app. A Twitter spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch that the company has been testing different labels to help give people context about the tweets they see, but said the social media giant had no more to share. this specific label.

From what we can tell so far, once the author of a tweet likes a reply, it is marked with a badge that is visible to both the person who left the reply and others. who are watching her. Although it is unconfirmed if the label is tested worldwide, we see reports of users in several countries spotting the label.

Picture credits: Screenshot/TechCrunch

It’s worth noting that the new tag is similar to TikTok’s “Like by Creator” badge that similarly appears when the creator of a video likes a comment.

Twitter’s new tag might be awkward for some users who see it as a distraction or an unnecessary addition to what might be an already cluttered tweet. It can also look a bit redundant when displayed next to an answer that only has one like. On the other hand, some users may consider it a welcome addition, especially if they want to show that their tweet was liked by a notable user, like a celebrity. Additionally, the new tag can also be useful in cases where a tweet has received many replies and the original poster wants to highlight a few of them without having to reply to them directly.

Since the label is still in the testing phase, it’s unclear if Twitter plans to officially roll it out to all users.


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