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In case you missed it, Madison Magazine shares our introduction to last month’s edition of our monthly “Sunday Reads” newsletter.

This short essay originally appeared as an introduction to the August edition of Madison Magazine’s monthly newsletter “Sunday Reads,” curated by editor Maggie Ginsberg. The rest of the monthly newsletter includes links to other articles inside and outside the magazine, as well as book covers and other literary news from the city. Sign up for future newsletters at the bottom of this article. There is still time to sign up for the next newsletter, which will be sent by email on Sunday, September 25..

Every month I talk to a local author about their latest book for a question and answer session on the Madison Magazine website, which I always link to at the bottom of this newsletter.

This month, incredibly, that author is me.

I wrote a book. It’s a novel called “Still True” and it comes out in September from the University of Wisconsin Press and no matter how many times I type a version of those words, I still can’t believe it.

To clarify, I did not interview myself. Madison Magazine editor Andrea Behling turned the tables on me – and that’s all I’ll say, because you’ll hear more than enough from me in the Q&A. I hope you will read it. Honestly, I hope you read it all. But you already knew that.

As always, I’ll use this monthly newsletter to give you some starting points. First and foremost, our new September issue hits newsstands this week, and subscribers already have it – read on for more. On the local literary scene, it’s the season of events. All of your favorite bookstores have a full list of scheduled readings and book signings, and I see new authors added to their schedules every day. (I caught up with a few this month, including Melissa Faliveno at Room of One’s Own and Rob Zaleski at Mystery to Me.) Finally, on September 7, the Wisconsin Book Festival will announce the lineup for its fall 2022 celebration with a launch event for festival members. This year’s festival, its 20th anniversary, is scheduled for October 13-16. It’s like a weekend birthday party for the books – what could be better?

This short essay originally appeared as an introduction to the August edition of Madison Magazine’s monthly newsletter “Sunday Reads,” which is curated by Editor-in-Chief Maggie Ginsberg and includes a preview of the current print issue, links to print articles you may have missed, exclusive content like Doug Moe’s Madison Blog, book recommendations, author Q&As, and other literary coverage around town. To sign up for the monthly newsletter, enter your email address below. The next newsletter will be sent by e-mail on Sunday 25 September.

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