Tony Khan has nothing but good things to say about CM Punk’s contributions to AEW


AEW President Tony Khan has a lot of passion for professional wrestling, and no one doubts that. CM Punk was brought into AEW as the company’s biggest draw, after a 7 year absence from the squared circle, tons of fans wanted to see the Second City Savior. Although Punk’s time in AEW came to a seemingly sudden end, Tony Khan appreciates everything Punk has done for the company.

Since the infamous Brawl Out event with The Elite and Ace Steel, and CM Punk, the former AEW World Champion has not been in AEW. Currently, Punk’s future is uncertain, while Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks are set to compete at Full Gear.

Tony Khan was asked about CM Punt’s return and whether he will be joining AEW during a recent AEW Full Gear press conference. Tony Khan secretly said he was unable to comment on this. He went on to say that there were only good things to say about CM Punk’s contribution to AEW.

Tony Khan has no comments. regarding CM Punk’s return to AEW. As of this writing, the rumor mill is still swirling around CM Punk’s name, but he’s still recovering from triceps surgery. Keep checking Ring News for further developments.

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November 17, 2022 2:46 p.m.

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