Tina Arena This Is Your Life: Author Kathy Lette pays hilarious tribute to the music icon


On an evening filled with highlights and heartfelt tributes to Tina Arena on This Is Your Life, one special message stood out.

A roll call from some of Australia’s best-known names sang the praises of the little music legend, from fellow singers Jessica Mauboy, Darren Hayes and Kate Miller-Heidke to Young Talent Time’s Johnny Young and John Bowles, the fashion designer Peter Morrissey, Countdown legend Molly Meldrum and Italian tenor Andrea Boccelli.

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The Chains and Sorrento singer Moon, who was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2015, has been described as paving the way for other Australian female artists to hit the international stage.

Arena has been described as strong, tough, groundbreaking, inspiring and down to earth.

Melissa Doyle, host of This Is Your Life, with Tina Arena. Credit: Seven

But it was Australian author Kathy Lette who made the audience – and Arena – laugh by showing another side of the singer, referencing her friend’s salty sense of humor and unwavering loyalty.

Lette described the multi-award-winning singer as her “Human Wonderbra” – “uplifting, supportive and making me look bigger and better”.

“One of the many things I love about you is your fierce loyalty,” Lette said, describing herself as a member of Tina Arena’s “cheer team.”

Author Kathy Lette talks about Tina Arena in This Is Your Life. Credit: Seven

“I mean, even though you’re a tiny package, you have such a powerful punch and can knock out a bully of a guy with a lethal one-liner.

“I call it your black belt in Fu-language.

“Tina, what I also love about you is your sense of humor.

“It’s drier than an AA clinic.

“When we go out, I have to be hospitalized because of the hilarity.

“So honey, you have everything.

Kathy Lette’s tribute made Tina Arena laugh. Credit: Seven

“You are an icon, a role model, you are a voice for female empowerment, you are a goddess.

“In fact, you’re starting to look underdressed without skirting!”

Arena roared with laughter as Lette spoke, later describing the author of Puberty Blues and Dead Sexy as “the greatest”.

“Yeah, but you’re the human Wonderbra!” Doyle intervened.

“I mean, nothing beats that!”

Left to right: Johnny Young, Shaynna Blaze (in pale blue), John Bowles and Tina Arena’s sister listen to Kathy Lette. Credit: Seven
Tina Arena on It’s Your Life. Credit: Seven

Also appeared, in person or by video, to pay tribute to Arena. Blaze and comedian Mary Coustas, aka Effie.

Alongside the celebrity pals, Arena was also joined on the This Is Your Life couch by family members.

As the music legend sat with his mom, dad and sister Nancy, Doyle announced a special surprise: his younger sister Silvana, who had traveled from London for the special occasion.

Arena hugged her in tears, clearly overwhelmed with emotion.

A moving family reunion on Tina Arena, This Is Your Life. Credit: Seven

When asked what it was like growing up as a little sister, Silvana said it was ‘a lot of fun’ to be there as Tina rode the wave of fame from Young Talent Time – then became an international celebrity.

“We’ve always been pretty strong and tight-knit (as a family) and we’ve always been there to support each other,” Silvana said.

“We all made the trip.

“And boy, was it a trip.”

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Rebecca Gibney’s emotional family reunion on This Is Your Life.

Rebecca Gibney’s emotional family reunion on This Is Your Life.

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