This space-inspired pen magically levitates in its docking station, looking absolutely out of this world!


Sure, you have pens that can write in zero gravity… but can your pen defy gravity on earth?? Discover the pen that literally floats in the air while being anchored in its unique “anti-gravity” pen holder.

Designed as what I assume is the world’s first and only ‘sci-fi’ pen, the pen is an engineering marvel as it floats in its gravity-defying stand, looking almost like something out of an alien spaceship. . The pen itself is a remarkable writing instrument, fitted with a Schmidt ballpoint cartridge for a smooth and luxurious writing experience, however, when you take a break from writing, the pen doesn’t just go into a pencil case or pen holder. The pen comes with its own magnetic stand that allows it to rest in an angled position with its nib touching the pen holder, without tipping over. Magnets inside the pen holder’s arc-shaped guardrail help the pen float on its own, resting on a single point. The magnetic forces also cause the pen to gently oscillate up and down or even spin on its axis, resulting in an experience that seems metaphorically and literally out of this world!

Designer: Novium

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The pen may be a writing instrument, but it is above all a table accessory. Designed to look less like the Bic ballpoint pen you buy and forget, and more like an impossibly high-end Mont Blanc pen you neatly place on your desk table, the pen has a charming, restless quality that’s sure to impress. attract your eyes and fingers. Docking the pen in its holder is almost like docking a space capsule in the hull of a spaceship. There’s a satisfying pull that slides the pen out of your hand and automatically aligns with the holder’s magnetic edge. In fact, even spinning the stylus in place will spin it on its own for about 20 seconds, giving the stylus a wonderful interactive quality.

Resists gravity at an angle of 23.5 degrees.

A simple twist will spin the pen for up to 20 seconds in flawless kinetic motion.

A Harvard Business Review study found that interrupting your brainstorming frequently with consistent micro-breaks resulted in more idea generation than no breaks. Once in a while, take a moment out of your day, spin the pen, and spark your creativity like never before.

Inspired by the shape of famous sci-fi spaceships such as the USS Enterprise, Naboo spaceships and Interstellar’s Ranger spaceship.

The pen body is made from a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum.

Designed to last for decades.

Soft and soft to the touch, the pen was designed to make long, intense writing sessions light and enjoyable.

Simply hold the pen a small distance from the lid so that the cap is sucked onto the pen.

Equipped with Schmidt ballpoint cartridges, the German luxury standard in ballpoint pens. Versatile yet flexible, no spills, no stains and definitely no explosions.

Simply remove the cartridge using the pliers provided and reinsert any D1 size refill.

The pen is available in a black and silver variant, with the levitating magnetic stand. You can find the pen in all its glory at our newly opened YD Select store – our one-stop destination for creative and well-designed stationery, gadgets and art. Free shipping on orders over $200.

Click here to buy now: $89.10 $99 (10% discount). Hurry, offer ends March 16th.

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