The Wigan author who had a rocky start is now on a roll with his second novel


Pete Foley, 38, from Standish, wrote his first book, The Shelter last year while on leave from his job as service manager.

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He had to keep going and persevering as he tried to find a company willing to publish the book.

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Wigan author Peter Foley, with his second novel, Mika Ito.

Now, with some experience, he has released a second novel which he chose to self-publish – a thriller called Mika Ito.

Pete said: “My second book, Mika Ito, I would describe as a badass thriller that takes you deep into the heart of Japan.

“To sum up the story, British journalist Dylan Solly was in Japan on the day of the Fukushima disaster and on the morning of this series of events he was in poor health and collapsed in a park.

“A local teacher, Mika Ito, comes to her aid and she takes her to her flat to recover.

Wigan author Peter Foley, with his second novel, Mika Ito.

“As he recovers, an earthquake hits and they learn that a tsunami is brewing.

“Dylan and Mika must escape to greater ground, but on their journey together as they grow closer, Dylan realizes there are secrets in Mika’s past that could be the most great threat to him.”

After securing a publisher, things didn’t really get any easier for Pete.

He said: “They were taken over by a company which was then taken over and so I left and decided to self-publish this one.

“I had this whole journey to find a good editor. I proofread when I typed and did a cover design, and the kind of work an editor does – it was exhausting.

“But it was worth it, I got to work with the publisher I wanted to work with and it’s a better book actually.”

About the ideas and inspiration behind his new release, he said, “I actually had my first migration when I was 37, and it was just such a weird experience, it freaked me out. really upset.

“I started writing about the experience, because I was having all these lucid thoughts.

“And that explains Dylan’s collapse, and then I already had the idea for Mika Ito as a character, so I needed a reason for Dylan to be in Japan as well.

“I also wanted him to investigate, but I made him a journalist rather than a detective, as I thought it was a bit fresher.”

On what he took away from his new career path and what’s next, he said, “I’ve learned this, you can do this, but it’s going to be harder work than originally thought. But, if you are gentle with yourself, you can continue.

“I have a few ideas but I don’t know if I’m going to do a sequel to this or something else. I will see what happens!

Mika Ito was released on September 22 and can be found on Amazon.


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