‘The Unraveling’: A Napa Author’s Story of Painful Silence | Entertainment



Imagine a time before the #metoo movement, before Roe vs. Wade, before readily available birth control pills, when a woman was sent to an institution because of an unwanted pregnancy. Unimaginable for young people today, it was the era of illegal and unsafe abortions and when, in the 1960s alone, around 2 million babies were offered for adoption. Unlike today’s open adoptions, these records were sealed and the mother knew nothing about her baby’s fate.

Napa author Meredith Keller’s book “The Unraveling, the Price of Silence” (June 2021, Gatekeeper Press) tells her chilling tale of those dark days.

“People don’t understand that time anymore,” Keller said. “Then you heard about a number of girls who left town. Their families have been humiliated. Even today, the poor or the indebted have no choice. I thought I should shine a light on those with no choice and what it does, how it affects a wide range of people.

“In the 1950s and 1960s, there was no concept of rape, it was not part of the vocabulary. No one talked about it or knew anything about it. Rape clinics did not exist. Those who gave their babies lived with the unknown.

In the weeks leading up to college graduation, Keller and her sisterhood sisters attended a post-finals celebration. A drug has been slipped into his glass. The warnings people are receiving today – don’t leave your drink unattended, don’t get a drink from a stranger, the term “roofie” (generic slang for a date-rape drug) – were unthinkable concerns. Keller woke up the next morning with only blurry images, flashes of light and sounds, unable to piece together what had happened to her.


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