The Queen ‘pushed’ the Hollywood actor who then snubbed his OBE


The Queen ‘pushed’ Hollywood actor Michael Sheen as a sign she was done talking to him. The actor discussed the incident when he appeared on the hit chat show, The Graham Norton Show.

As the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee approaches, it’s likely that many people will be told how to behave around Her Majesty. Michael Sheen, who received an OBE for services to the theater in 2009, opened up about his experience while appearing on The Graham Norton Show.

He explained: “You show up in front of the Queen and there’s all these rules and etiquette – you never have to turn your back on the Queen and all that sort of stuff.”

Michael went on to describe the fateful moment he met her. “She walks up, steps forward to give you the medal,” he explained. “And then she said, ‘So what do you do next? “”

Actor Michael Sheen with the OBE he received earlier from Queen Elizabeth II during the Investitures at Buckingham Palace on June 2, 2009 in London, England.

(Image credit: Lewis Whyld/WPA Pool/Getty Images)

The actor then opened up about their chat and said, “She has to meet so many people, probably a lot of people have a bit of a bunny in the headlights with her.”

However, the most hilarious reveal was how the Queen indicates she’s above who she talks to. “So she does this thing,” he added, “where she shakes your hand and then when it’s time to leave, she just kind of pushes you away.”

Michael then returned his OBE, per BBC Newsin 2017 stating: “I have just realized I would be a hypocrite if I said the things I was going to say in the lecture about the nature of the relationship between Wales and the British state.”

Considering how busy she can be, it’s understandable that the Queen uses secret signals to help close conversations. Methods include a very clever purse trick and something like the Queen’s Rings – which, if you see it, can be a sign that things aren’t going well!

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