The Last of Us Part 1 player learns more about Joel and Tommy’s childhood from a letter


A The last of us part 1 player has discovered an item in Joel’s house that provides insight into the character’s childhood.

Shared with The last of us subreddit (opens in a new tab), a fan found a letter that Tommy had written to his brother Joel as a child before the events of the game. According to the player who shared the discovery, fans can find this item in Joel’s house, according to the appearance of the image, pinned to a bulletin board before the infection broke out. We also get our first mention of the two brothers’ parents in this letter which gives the characters a bit more backstory.

If you can’t tell from the screenshot below, Tommy’s letter reads: “Hey Joel, I know I should be super excited to go to camp but I had no realized how much I would miss you. Anyway. I can’t wait to see you in a few weeks and tell mom I love her and let me know how your bike turns out. Hope you “one day mum will let me drive it – doubt it. I love you, Tommy.”

letter_from_young_tommy of r/thelastofus

This letter doesn’t add much to the overall story of The Last of Us or the last of us 2, but it gives a new perspective on the couple’s relationship. Although – slight spoilers for if you haven’t played the first story of The Last of Us yet – there are a few occasions when Tommy and Joel butt heads, for example shortly after their reunion in Jackson, the two were clearly close before the outbreak, which makes the events of The Last of Us Part 2 all the more heartbreaking. If you know, you know.

The letter is also a nice little reference to Joel’s love of bikes, as many dedicated fans already know Joel tells Ellie in the first game how one year for Tommy’s birthday the couple were planning to do cross-country on two Harley Davidson motorcycles. And judging by this letter, we’re sure the Miller brothers’ mother would have been horrified by the prospect.

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