The author strives to celebrate the nature and beauty of the dandelion


I Love Dandelions by August E. Allen

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In I Love Dandelions, Mirabella the mouse and her siblings discover the magical superpowers of dandelions!

PLYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, Sept. 12, 2022 / — Briley & Baxter Publications is proud to announce the release of I Love Dandelions by August E. Allen, available September 20, 2022 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online retailers.

Dandelion is a flower with wildlife superpowers, providing abundant nectar and pollen, giving food to a wide range of pollinators such as bees, butterflies, moths, fireflies and other insects. Dandelion seeds and leaves provide food for a wide variety of wildlife, including birds, rabbits, deer, and even bears!

Join Mirabella the mouse as she and her siblings discover the magical superpowers of dandelions!

With Theodore W. Mouse, the main character, children discover how magical these “sun droplets” are and the very important role they play in the natural world. Through I Love Dandelions, Allen strives to accomplish several things: spark love for all of nature and bring biodiversity back to all those barren, toxic lawns. After all, the love of dandelions is the dandelion’s best defense.

“Although these highly prolific plants are often considered a nuisance, dandelions are the most important pollinator-visited plant of all plants growing in urban settings,” Allen said. “If more people were aware of the essential services that dandelions provide and welcomed them into their backyards, they might be surprised to discover the magic that this little yellow flower carries. You see, from root to flower, dandelions are beneficial.

About the Author:
Allen, a staunch ecologist, lover of nature and wildlife, very concerned about our planet and its cohabitants, wrote and illustrated this book to bring the “magic of nature” into the hearts of children – starting with the lowly (so-called) dandelion! Allen has had quite a career working with thoroughbred horses, specializing in the neonatal equine care, breeding, foaling and rehabilitation of horses that have undergone a poor training regimen. All of Allen’s free time is spent raising environmental awareness through art and with the family’s horses.

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