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Searching for a job on LinkedIn on your own can quickly turn into a full-time job in itself. You could spend days or weeks browsing your feeds for jobs, or hoping your connections will share a job opportunity.

But there’s a smarter, easier way to improve your job search results by joining a community of other job seekers.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the best LinkedIn groups for job seekers with 200,000 or more members. This can exponentially increase your network and with it your chances of landing the job of your dreams.

LinkedIn Groups LinkedHR

Linked: HR is home to over a million job seekers and HR professionals. The popular HR group was established in September 2007 and is managed by Next Dimension Media.

It is a well-organized community with a dedicated website and specialized community business forum, job site, HR CV page and calendar of events, among others.

Members are primarily encouraged to post in English, with preference given to discussion items. A discussion item usually includes a question. Questions are more visible at the top of posts, especially those under 50 words.

LinkedIn groups The network

Over 800,000 members can’t all be wrong about the network; which is one of the biggest recruiter networks you can find on and outside of LinkedIn.


The Network group was established in November 2007 as a platform where recruiters can post vacancies and find and hire top talent across different industries.

To maintain quality and decorum, conversations and comments are moderated and must be approved by the administrator before posting. Members who contact other members in a spammy manner for commercial purposes will be blocked.

LinkedIn group banking careers

If you are a job seeker, recruiter, or professional in the banking or finance industry, you will find over 500,000 other like-minded professionals in the LinkedIn Banking Careers group.

This LinkedIn group is powered by the Carfang group and was created in March 2009. Discussions within the Careers Banking group focus only on financial risk management and related topics.

The group offers a wealth of career advice that can help you advance your career in banking and finance. As a member, you can also make valuable connections and land job opportunities.

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HR jobs in the Linkedin group

Recruiting is usually the job of the HR department, but what if you are an HR professional looking for a job, an HR job? Well, you can find HR jobs and networking opportunities by joining a group like HR Jobs.

HR Jobs currently has over 300,000 members made up of job seekers, recruiters and other seasoned HR professionals. You not only find job opportunities in this group, but you also get career development advice.

The group was created in March 2008. It is a platform for sharing useful HR content and connections. Posts must be approved by the administrator before they can be uploaded.

LinkedIn Digital Marketing Group, etc.

The name of this group is as long as the list of different professionals, recruiters and job seekers it caters to. The full name of the group is Digital Marketing SEO SEM Mobile Apps Data Internet Media Brand CRM PR Email Affiliate Jobs.

There’s something for everyone, whether you’re into digital marketing, SEO, SEM, or mobile app development.

Jobs, connections, courses, advice and tips on digital and online marketing are also widely available in this group of more than 300,000 LinkedIn members.

The group was established in March 2008 as a hub for all kinds of online marketers, developers and content creators, among others. Members are cautioned against spamming and posting in all caps.

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LinkedIn Group Life Sciences, etc.

If you are a professional in the fields of life sciences, pharmacy, biotechnology, medicine, clinical and healthcare among others, you can get employment news and information from this group.

Instead of guessing where to find your next job opportunity, simply join this group, post, share, and explore all the extremely useful information available.

Here is your chance to connect, learn, improve, and hopefully land the job of your dreams in life sciences and medicine. Created in July 2009, the group has more than 300,000 members.

LinkedIn Group Aviation Jobs

With a LinkedIn group like Aviation Jobs, your aviation career can take off faster than you expect.

With over 200,000 job seekers, recruiters and aviation professionals in the group, you are sure to be in good company.

The group is powered by and caters to flight and cabin crew, aircraft maintenance, commercial and freight airlines, airport jobs and government operations.

LinkedIn Group Oil & Gas & Others

Recruiters, job seekers and other professionals can find many opportunities in the Oil & Gas, Engineering, Construction, Mining & Crafts Jobs LinkedIn group.

The group which was created in October 2010 currently has over 200,000 members. As the name suggests, members come from the oil and gas, engineering, construction and mining industries and also include artisans.

The group mainly targets professionals in the Middle East, UK, Africa and other offshore locations.

Members are not permitted to post CV or curriculum vitae, general news articles or engage in spam activities.

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Join a LinkedIn group of job seekers today

The job search journey can be tedious and time consuming, so don’t go it alone if you don’t have to. Join a LinkedIn group of job seekers today and you could land your dream job by tomorrow.

Joining a LinkedIn group is a powerful strategy for getting a job through LinkedIn. You should also explore other features of LinkedIn that allow you to find and land the job of your dreams.

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