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Community is considered one of America’s best sitcoms, known for its creative writing of the weird and wonderful mind of Dan Harmon. Community is also known for producing numerous parodies and homages to film, television, and other pop culture references.

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For all of his popular and successful episodes, Dan Harmon was not at the helm for Communitythe fourth season. The fourth season is now known as the “year of the gas leaks”. Season four produced the bulk of CommunityLowest rated episodes. There were still episodes from other seasons that did not meet the high standards set by Community.

ten Basic RV Repair and Palmistry sees the party go on a trip (7.5)

Basic RV repair and community palmistry

The sixth season of Community is best known for its emotional farewell to the characters and to Greendale in its final episode. Few episodes of season six are memorable. Basic VR repair and palmistry has the group minus Chang in Elroy’s RV on a road trip. They must transfer a giant hand that the dean bought to another buyer.

Abed’s obsession with going into a flashback is a meta that Community is comfortable with using his current gimmick. However, the execution is a sign that the gimmick is finally becoming obsolete. Basic VR repair and palmistry ends before it really begins.

9 Competitive Wine Tasting is one of the weakest episodes of Season 2 (7.5)

Pierce Hawthorne Community Competitive Wine Tasting

In Communitystellar second season, there are very few episodes that aren’t considered masterful. However, Competitive wine tasting is not a masterpiece. With Shirley and Annie taking a back seat, Abed has a single-player subplot in which he eliminates a class by answering “Who’s The Boss?” Jeff attempts to sabotage Pierce’s advances and his relationship with a woman. Troy attempts to exploit Britta’s weakness for men showing emotion in their drama class.

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Troy and Britta seem to be closer at the end of Tasting of competitive wines. Jeff begins to regret his hostility towards Pierce. However, Abed obviously learns nothing from his actions. Competitive wine tasting simply pale in comparison to the rest of the second season.

8 Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy show negative aspects of Chang’s chaotic plans (7.4)

Chang Shirley and Andre Community, Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy

Another episode of Community second season which is not as stellar as the rest Custody law and Eastern European diplomacy. custody law Annie and Pierce take a backseat other than the opening scene. Britta is dating a dodgy guy who is friends with Troy and Abed. Chang tries to prove that he is mature towards Shirley, in case he is the father of her unborn child.

Chang ends up inadvertently kidnapping two random children, mistaking them for Shirley’s boys, in a chaotic move that lands Jeff in jail under false pretences.

7 Cooperative evasion in family relationships finally presents a bad travesty (7.4)

Community Jeff and his father in the cooperative escape in family relations

Community has had its fair share of episodes about faith and family, and Cooperative escape in family relationships sees two different situations unfold on Thanksgiving. Jeff has plans with his father, which Britta naturally interferes with because she wants to step in as a budding therapist. And Shirley invites the rest of the study group to her home to meet her family.

Cooperative escape shines for letting the public see Jeff fight against his father. However, Shirley’s party turns into an attempt Shawshank takeover parody, which pales in comparison to Communityare the most successful parodies and homages.

6 Advanced security features attempt to further explore Elroy’s character (7.3)

Rick and Britta Advanced Security Features Community

Season 6 of Community may well be held in higher regard than season four’s “year of the gas leaks,” but there were still several episodes that suffered. Some episodes failed to recreate the magic of many older seasons.

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Advanced Security Features has the group trying to bond more with Elroy. Jeff struggles with the possibility of someone not liking him. And Britta’s ex-boyfriend, “Subway”, now known as Rick, returns but intends to sell cars to the Dean. Advanced Security Features is fun, but Leroy and Jeff’s reconciliation speech is short and disappointing. Advanced Security Features lacks the necessary closure to make it a meaningful episode.

5 Story 101 is the introduction to “the year of gas leaks” (7.2)

Story 101 Community Annie Britta Troy and Shirley

History 101 launched the fourth season. In its center, History 101 focuses on Abed going to his happy place, which helps keep him in denial as Jeff announces he’s about to graduate and leave Greendale.

History 101 has Jeff trying to win a contest for places in a class called “History of Ice Cream”. Britta and Troy go to a fountain, Annie and Shirley try to prank, and Abed stays on his mind. The subplots are related but none of them are memorable enough to History 101 be considered a very good start to the season.

4 Conventions of Space and Time sees the group at a convention (7.2)

Space and Time Conventions Troy and Britta Community

Conventions of space and time sees the study group travel to an Inspector SpaceTime convention. Although the episode is far from Greendale, Conventions of space and time still manages to have three distinct scenarios. Troy and Abed’s friendship is tested, Annie pretends to be married to Jeff, and Pierce and Shirley comment on a new version of Inspector SpaceTime.

As is the case in most of the fourth season, Conventions of space and time doesn’t really matter to Community overall narrative, despite amusing cameos from Tricia Helfer and Matt Lucas.

3 Alternate History of the German Invasion Perpetuates German Stereotypes (7.0)

Alternate History of the German Invading Community Shirley Abed Britta and Annie

Alternate History of the German Invasion has entertaining parts but doesn’t stand out in Community’s episodes. Alternate history features British actor Malcolm McDowell’s debut as Professor Cornwallis and further explores Chang’s bizarre reinvention as Kevin.

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However, comparing the study group to the Nazis in their disputes with the German trio, albeit with a different leader replacing Nick Kroll’s Juergen, sets an uncomfortable tone. Alternate history also openly mocks German culture and stereotypes. There are still jokes that capture the essence of Communitycorn Alternate history will always be remembered as insensitive.

2 Intro To Felt Surrogacy takes a different approach with its Muppets style (6.8)

Community Season 4 - Introduction to Felt Surrogacy

Next to Communitysuccessful parody episodes, the series explored different visual formats. Introduction to Felt Surrogacy begins with the study group feeling embarrassed and awkward. The Dean gives everyone hand puppets, believing the puppet therapy will help them talk about what happened.

Introduction to then transitions in the characters being muppet-like puppets. The writing of Introduction to was criticized, like most of the fourth season of Community. Despite Introduction toWith problems and issues being resolved quickly through singing and sharing, he always has a lot of heart and reiterates how close the study group is.

1 Economics of marine biology helps humanize Pierce but does little else (6.7)

Community Economics of Marine Biology Annie and the Dean

Economics of marine biology sees the Dean and Annie aim to score a “whale” for Greendale by impressing a wealthy prospective student on a school tour. However, their plans go too far. Jeff is tasked with keeping a jealous Pierce busy, which provides the rare occasion when the two get along.

Troy and Shirley have their mini-adventure with them enrolling in a physical education class, which sees them learning to become physical education teachers. All of these subplots are harmless enough, but Abed taking a back seat with a disappointing gimmick is arguably what stops Economy to resonate well with the audience.

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