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Upton Book Day

The wonderful world of reading was celebrated in style by the children and staff of Upton Junior School in Broadstairs.

Their World Book Day celebrations began with an assembly where the key theme “reading is amazing” was explored and shared to set the tone for a day full of activities.

Deputy Director Gemma Scarr said: “World Book Day at Upton celebrated a very simple but important message: reading is truly amazing.

“It’s something that can change your life, make a bad day better, improve your understanding, and take you on all kinds of adventures.”

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of World Book Day, each year a group adopted a specific theme. These were: – Year 3/The day the pencils quit; Year 4/Harry Potter; Year5/The Wizard of Oz; and Year 6/Alice in Wonderland.

Select age groups played their version of Quidditch, Harry Potter’s favorite sport, as part of the EP; art activities were ubiquitous as 5th graders created contrasting Kansas and Oz sets, “magic” potions were made, and there were plenty of writing activities showcasing different ideas, concepts, and styles .

Grade 5 and 6 readers explored concepts from classic literature and explained why books that immersed them deeply were considered timeless writings.

Students also dressed up according to the theme of their age class and there was also a teacher swap during the day where teachers went to another class and shared a book.

The day ended with a successful event for the entire school community. The Upton Great Big Read saw over 500 students gather on the playground with a book and share their love of reading.

The school’s deputy principal, Dave Walker, said: ‘It was such a wonderful day and there was a huge buzz around the school about the reading.

“All the children were engaged and there was such a variety of activities throughout the school. It certainly builds on the love of creative writing and appreciation for reading that we encourage throughout Upton.

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