TAE Technologies commercializes revolutionary power management technology developed for Fusion to revolutionize electric vehicles, charging infrastructure and energy storage



FOOTHILL RANCH, Calif., Sept. 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – TAE Technologies, the world’s largest privately-held fusion power company, announces the formation of its TAE Power Management division, which will provide disruptive power management capabilities originally developed for the company’s merger of power control systems with the mobility and energy storage sectors. Veteran industrialist David Roberts has been appointed general manager of the growing division. He will report to TAE Group CEO Michl Binderbauer.

TAE Power Management is dedicated to commercializing technology that will accelerate the electrification of energy systems and enable next-generation electric vehicles to achieve significant cost savings, efficiency gains and battery life longer. Together, the energy storage and electric mobility markets are estimated at $ 1.2 billion per year by 2030.

Convincing solution for electric mobility

TAE’s proven power management technology provides a revolutionary solution for the electric mobility market, and the new company is already in advanced discussions with the world’s leading automakers and fuel retailers.

TAE Power Management now enables the real potential and widespread adoption of electric vehicles to be harnessed by revolutionizing the infrastructure around electric mobility. It offers an end-to-end powertrain that delivers maximum efficiency and range, increased safety and reliability, greater design flexibility, and significantly faster charging, all at a lower cost.

Already staffed with a good base of experienced engineers, product specialists and a business development team, the wholly owned division of TAE Technologies expects to grow rapidly and generate revenue by 2022 through licenses and partnerships. .

Automotive and aerospace industry veteran

Roberts will lead the worldwide deployment of TAE power management technology, drawing on a strong strategic vision and the experience of a 40-year career in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Roberts maintains close relationships with global OEMs and a comprehensive understanding of the global automotive market. He has a proven track record in bringing technology to market applications, a solid background in international operations and close working relationships with government and automotive industry leaders in the UK.

“I am very excited about TAE’s power management technology, which is truly revolutionary. It will completely transform the electric vehicle mobility market, while significantly reducing operating costs, ”says Roberts. “Not only has this enabled tremendous progress in accelerating commercial fusion, but the immediate applications of this technology are also expected to advance everything from utility drivetrain to the efficiency of electric vehicles. It is the most exciting project I have ever had the privilege to bring to market. ”

“As the global demand for electricity increases, we will need more efficient and sustainable solutions to tackle climate change and the transition to an increasingly electrified world. TAE believes that the merger is essential to achieve this result, ”says Binderbauer. “Now the technology that has powered TAE’s innovative fusion platform since 2017 is being commercialized in a complete clean energy ecosystem. With David’s strategic experience and deep knowledge of these application areas, especially in the mobility industry, we will be able to scale quickly and bring our breakthroughs to market. TAE Power Management will improve storage, optimize access to renewable energy sources, extend the range and performance of electric vehicles, and help build a more efficient grid for years to come.

TAE power management technology: a universal platform

TAE Power Management utilizes TAE technologies that were originally developed for its pioneering fusion energy architecture, and the requirement to intermittently store large amounts of energy and release it in precise, high increments. power for its fusion test facilities.

With no viable energy management solution available in the market to bridge the gap for fusion needs, TAE has developed intelligent, proprietary modular technology that manages energy flows ranging from more than 10 kilowatts , the equivalent consumption of a single-family home, at gigawatt levels, as produced by large power plants. The software manages the power without taking into account the chemistry or the size of the battery.

This sleek universal platform solution uses scalable power modules that combine networked controllers, converters, and battery components to deliver precise power output, while actively monitoring and controlling load and temperature. of each module. A small number of these integrated power “building blocks” eliminate the need to source from thousands of system-specific electronic components. The resulting technology enables massive gains in performance, efficiency and longevity for economies on a large scale.

TAE Power Management technology has now unlocked applications in residential and commercial energy storage, data center and industrial areas, peak shaving, load transfer, power factor correction, micro-grids, electric mobility, charging stations for electric vehicles, and plans to expand into aerospace, mass transit, shipping, fleet operations and many other sectors.

For more information about TAE Technologies, please visit tae.com or contact us at [email protected].

About TAE Technologies

TAE Technologies (pronounced TAE) was founded in 1998 to develop commercial fusion energy with the cleanest environmental profile, and represents the fastest, most convenient and most economically competitive solution for bringing abundant energy to the grid. With over 900 issued patents, over $ 880 million in private capital, six generations of national lab-scale devices, and an experienced team of over 250 employees, TAE is now poised to provide this source of research. transformational energy capable of sustaining the planet for centuries. The company’s breakthrough technologies have produced a strong portfolio of business innovations in other large adjacent markets such as energy management, energy storage, transmission, electric mobility, life sciences, etc. TAE is based in California and has international offices in the UK and Switzerland. Multidisciplinary and mission-driven by nature, TAE leverages proprietary science and engineering to create a bright future for us all.

TAE Power Management's building block approach allows designers to target a particular power output using just a few building blocks.  The system reduces costs and supply challenges by dramatically reducing the number of components used and allowing greater design flexibility.  The TAE system dramatically increases usable power through constant monitoring and balancing of battery power at the module level.

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