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The focus on design engineering is changing, with huge customer demand for more durable products. Sharing knowledge to ensure best practices is key, according to Protolabs, which is launching its upcoming online sustainability series InspirON.

The series consists of a number of presentations and panel discussions covering a wide range of topics, all with a focus on sustainability. Its aim is to prepare design engineers for the rapidly changing green agenda that is driven by both legislation and customer demand.

And, according to Protolabs, design will have to play a crucial role if a manufacturer is to meet such needs. Industry data from the EU Science Hub indicates that approximately 80% of all product-related environmental impacts are determined during the design phase, reinforcing the importance that sustainability plays in the design lifecycle .

For many companies, such an adaptation represents a significant change in mentality. While cost reduction and, in some cases, planned obsolescence or replacement used to be part of the business model, this is no longer acceptable to many customers.

But the good news, according to Nicky Davies, director of marketing programs and EMEA operations at Protolabs, is that there’s a lot of good thinking and innovation going on. “We believe that experts from industry and academia can be brought together to share their expertise and thinking with others. The InspirON series of online knowledge sharing fills this need.

The event provides a platform and an environment to reflect and discuss relevant topics that will increasingly affect a designer’s daily work.

InspirON kicks off live October 4-5, and registration is free, allowing you to listen in and ask questions of the panel of speakers. This year, the focus will be on design engineering and the impact it will have on future products and manufactured goods. The series will cover topics ranging from selecting sustainable materials to the role that digital manufacturing and Industry 4.0 will play, and how to develop and optimize a sustainable supply chain.

Each presentation and discussion will be chaired by Protolabs and will feature global experts from industry and academia.

Nicky concludes: “While there is no single solution, design engineers should not work in isolation. As the Design Council points out in a recent collaboration with us, we all need to share our thinking.

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