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Yesterday, Sunset4All celebrated reaching their fundraising goal. Sunset4All is a popular campaign for a safe bike path for all ages along Sunset and Santa Monica boulevards through East Hollywood, Echo Park and Silver Lake. Earlier this year, Sunset4All and the LA County Bicycle Coalition launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $ 25,000 for the initial engineering and awareness of the proposed improvements.

Last month, thanks to more than 350 local donors, the campaign achieved its goal. Bike Coalition Executive Director Eli Akira Kaufman credited “our friends at Superpedestrian who have stepped up to close the funding gap” for Sunset4All to exceed its target. Last week, Superpedestrian launched its fleet of 5,000 Link electric scooters across Los Angeles. According to a joint press release, Link is the “largest supplier of new shared scooters” in the city of Los Angeles.

Yesterday, LACBC, Superpedestrian and Sunset4All hosted a community celebration in honor of the successful campaign. The event, which took place at the Sunset Triangle People St Plaza, included brief speeches from representatives of the organization.

Akira Kaufman underscored his gratitude to the donors who help move Sunset4All forward. Sharon Zhang, head of super pedestrian policy and business development, stressed the company’s support for ensuring people can move safely on city streets across the region. Sunset4All organizer Avital Shavit highlighted the need to improve safety at Sunset, due to a long history of accidents resulting in death and serious injury.

LA County Bicycle Coalition Executive Director Eli Kaufman greets people at yesterday’s Sunset4All celebration
A vital
Sunset4All host Avital Shavit (right) introduces Sunset4All executives: (left to right) Karen Draper, Derrick Paul and Terence Heuston
Sharon Zhang (left), Head of Super Pedestrian Policy and Business Development, addresses participants

After the speeches, attendees had the opportunity to try out Link electric scooters and take part in a short victory bike / scooter ride.

Superpedestrian operates the new Link shared electric scooter fleet, now available throughout Los Angeles
Cyclists take to Sunset Boulevard for a short ride celebrating Sunset4All’s fundraising success
Return of cyclists and scooterists
Cyclists and Scooters Returning to Sunset Triangle Plaza

Next steps for Sunset4All will include proceeding with technical designs and conducting ongoing outreach.

To find more information about Sunset4All, including how to donate and / or volunteer, see the Bike Coalition’s Sunset4All webpage.

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