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The Student Government Senate listens to Senate candidates state how they would best represent their constituents.

The student government at Iowa State University has confirmed an attorney general, four college senators and nine members of the electoral commission.

An amendment was made to the bill confirming the candidates for the electoral commission. The amendment required the Senate to confirm each candidate individually, rather than all in one vote.

Confirmed applicants include:

  • Greenlee Dahle – Open Option First Year Students (LAS)

  • Blake Van Der Kamp – second year agricultural and life science education student

  • Cody Neeper-Burris – junior in public relations

  • Anmol Pandya – first year pre-company student

  • Yumi Altansukh – first year in undeclared design

  • Clare Muckler – junior in political science

  • Anthony Arellano – senior in political science

  • Alex Almquist – second year political science student

  • Ahillan Kumar – junior in community and regional planning

In addition to the members of the electoral committee, five senators and the attorney general were also confirmed.

Olivia Staudt is a second year student in agriculture and society. She has been confirmed as an off-campus senator. She expressed her enthusiasm and reasoning for getting involved in student government.

“I’ve heard so many good things about student government,” Staudt said. “I just want to be part of such a big organization. The majority of the people of Iowa State live off campus and I just want to keep their interests and wants first.

The second senator who was confirmed at the meeting was Edward Mahoney, a senior in computer science. He was confirmed as the senator of the residence.

There were two candidates for graduate college senators. Brittany Skaggs, third year veterinary student, and John Carter, third year master of creative writing. Both were adopted unanimously.

“I think it’s really easy to forget that hardworking students are hardworking,” Carter told the Senate when asked what issues he was passionate about. “So defending minimum wage, defending workers’ rights, all of these things are really important to me, as a person who grew up in a very rural community.”

The last senator candidate was Sam Blythe, a pre-business freshman. Blythe has been confirmed as a senator from a business school.

The attorney general was then confirmed. Alex McFadden, a senior in mechanical engineering, served as attorney general last spring. In the end, he was confirmed once more and reappointed.

Chief Financial Officer Mason Zastrow, a senior in political science, has officially made his appointment for the recently added post of Director of Financial Awareness and Disparity Reduction (FORDD). Kit Clayburn, a sophomore animal ecology student and UROC senator, was appointed to the post. It must be confirmed by the director of student diversity.

The meeting began with an overview of the ad hoc committee. The presentation was given by the Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Jesica Flores-Renteria, Senior in Political Science.

She explained what the committee had accomplished in hopes of improving diversity both within and outside of student government around campus. Events, town halls, mass emails and multicultural clubs are just a few of the suggestions discussed.

Flores-Renteria also noted that inclusive language training will be given to the public relations committee, speaker and vice president to help improve student government.

“I created it this summer,” said Flores-Renteria. “I have used resources from other universities and the various HR programs that are nationally known to come up with a long list that would be concise and beneficial to student government.”

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