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OXNARD, California, Feb. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Dentistry has seen many innovations over the past 10 years, two areas that have been affected are how teeth are fixed and how teeth are replaced with implants dental. Many patients present with terminal dentition requiring complete dental implant replacement.

What is Minimally Invasive Full Arch Implant Dentistry

Today, many places advertise the “Teeth in a Day” or “All on 4™” concept. The concept basically involves extracting all of a patient’s teeth when indicated, placing 4 dental implants per jawbone and providing permanent teeth on the same day. These teeth are temporary teeth that the patient wears for 4-6 months, after which permanent teeth are made

This concept advocates bone removal to find enough bone to avoid bone grafting procedures. When this bone is removed, the gum tissue is also lost and the patient ends up having a pink prosthesis which has replaced the bone and the gum tissue. This concept is indicated for a specific clinical situation and should not be done for everyone who has all their teeth missing. If patients have little bone and only 4 implants can be placed with good distribution, this will be considered the procedure of choice. If there is a lot of bone available, it is always advantageous to place additional implants.

Minimally invasive full arch implant dentistry adheres to the concept of preserving and maintaining bone. Bone reduction is practically eliminated and the patient retains his own gum tissue. Although 4 implants are considered standard, placement of additional implants is considered advantageous. As a practicing clinician, we always wonder if this implant is not working. If you have placed more than 4, you have backup implants to work with. These additional implants also help distribute the stress over a wider area. That said, there are indications for removing bone to avoid bone grafting. Sometimes the bone is very thin and by reducing it we can get thicker bone to place implants in.

The traditional All on 4™ concept involves the removal of the bone, the placement of 4 implants and the teeth on the same day. Improved protocols involve bone and gum preservation and over-engineering by placing additional implants when bone is available with the philosophy of maintaining the same surgical costs

Protocols for Improving Full Arch Implant Dentistry or Teeth in One Day at Anacapa Dental Art Institute include

1.Placement of more than 4 implants – This is for added safety, if any of the implants fail we have plenty to support the final teeth

2. No bone grafting and preserving your bone, most other strategies use a significant amount of bone reduction and provide you with artificial gum. Bone preservation is important for longevity

3. Teeth same day of surgery, implants must be stable and non-removable permanent teeth installed same day of surgery.

4. Digital technology which will include face scanning, scanning with cameras in the mouth, 3D printing. Advanced lab technology to optimize fit.

5. On-site lab with master technicians who can customize your teeth

6. Beautiful final teeth that are shiny, natural looking, biocompatible and strong and made of zirconia.

7. Warranty – very important considering the significant investment in your teeth.

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