Spyker aims for a comeback again


If Dutch automaker Spyker were an animal, it would clearly be a cat considering how many lives he has already gone through. Now the on-again / off-aga sports car maker says it’s ready for another revival.

Spyker was back with its new C8 Preliator Spyder in 2018. It is now back with new investors.

Originally founded in 1880, Spyker went bankrupt in 1926 but was relaunched decades later by Dutch entrepreneur Victor R. Muller. Since 2000, it has deployed a small number of largely hand-built sports cars. But it has been plagued by a series of seemingly endless financial setbacks that bankrupted it last year.

Now, says Muller, the company has ended this year with a new deal from a group of investors that is expected to end “some very difficult years.”

“The collaboration agreement we confirmed today is the starting point to rebuild Spyker as a sports car maker with a stronger foundation than ever before and with sufficient access to better technical and financial resources than ever before. “Muller said in a statement. released a few hours before the clock ran out in 2021.

Budding automaker stumbles – repeatedly

Trained as a lawyer but making his fortune in a range of pursuits including expedition, Muller describes himself as a car madman and aspiring car designer and builder. He has tried several times to establish himself in the business, not only reviving the Spyker name after three quarters of a century, but also trying to get into a more mainstream segment.

Spyker CEO Victor Mueller
Mueller is back in hopes of reviving the Spyker name

Muller spearheaded Spyker’s attempt to take over Swedish brand Saab when General Motors decided to sell it before coming out of bankruptcy ten years ago. The deal quickly turned sour and not only did Saab shut down, the failed business crippled Spyker. Complicating matters further was a poorly designed effort to launch a Formula One program.

In the meantime, Muller has set up a series of partnerships and alliances in hopes of bringing the Netherlands-based business back, but it has been unable to continue operating beyond a base. random.

In and out of bankruptcy

Muller bankrupted Spyker in 2012. He briefly surfaced, only to fall back into the Dutch equivalent of Chapter 11 in January 2021.

Ironically, the most recent filing came after an argument between Muller and an investment group led by Russians Michail Pessis and Boris Rotenberg. These are now the same backers who plan to fund Spyker’s rebirth in 2022. What has changed – at least from a financial perspective – is unclear. But the partners are now planning to significantly update Spyker’s signature sports cars.

Spyker D8 SUV
The most recent comeback offered hope of producing two more Spyker models, including the D8 SUV.

“We really can’t wait to be a part of this new chapter of the epic Spyker brand. Our group of companies will successfully launch the Spyker brand in the league of the world’s best super sports cars, ”said Rotenberg.

Fluid product plans

The Russian investor group has already “developed and produced” a number of prototype models, and it appears that future production of the carbon-bodied models will take place at a plant in Russia and the Netherlands. Engineering will be split between Russia and Germany, and the head office will be operated from Luxembourg.

Over the past decade, Muller has showcased a number of prototypes, but it’s still unclear what products will actually be in the company’s future.

In his statement, the Dutch entrepreneur hinted: “In a world dominated by electrification, there is an undiminished demand for real sports cars, the ones that arouse all the senses. We will continue to respond to this particular group of enthusiasts. Of course, we will offer hybrid solutions in our future models, but the V-8 (internal combustion engine) will remain at the heart of every Spyker for many years to come.

Since Muller tried to bring Spyker back, the company has only produced 265 sports cars altogether, but plenty of headlines.

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