SPIE migrates Sakata datacenter infrastructure to the Azure cloud


Sakata Vegetables Europe is a subsidiary of the international Japanese group Sakata Seed. Based at the European headquarters in Uchaud (Gard), the Information Systems Department manages all of the company’s information systems for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regions. Sakata Vegetables Europe entrusted SPIE ICS with the migration of its digital infrastructures to the Azure cloud.

SPIE ICS experts built the data center infrastructure and migrated it to the Microsoft Azure cloud while minimizing the impact on production and users. “The major engineering work carried out upstream, as well as a series of failover tests, made it possible to carry out this operation in a weekend”, explains Jean-Daniel Biglione, business engineer at SPIE ICS. In total, dozens of virtual machines (VMs) were migrated to the Microsoft Azure cloud. SPIE ICS ensured the overall coordination of its experts involved in the security, infrastructure and network aspects in order to achieve the planned migration milestones.

“Thanks to our expertise, we have deployed a more stable and secure platform for Sakata Vegetables Europe while respecting all planning and budget constraints,” says Christophe Monteil, project manager at SPIE ICS.

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