Senior citizen overwhelmed by veteran author’s book donation


By Henry Akubuiro

Achieve that fundamental work of research and dissemination of knowledge is necessary for any lasting personal and collective empowerment, the Bukar Usman Foundation, registered as a charity in 2008, has devoted a significant percentage of its resources to the production and donation of books , with more than 50 titles to his credit.

Since its inception, the foundation has directly impacted thousands of less privileged people across the country and indirectly impacted millions of readers who have either read books donated by the foundation or read from libraries, book shelves in private and public organizations that received copies of free books.

While some of the recipients of these book donations are outside the coasts of Nigeria and Africa, others are domiciled in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, a nation with a high level of literacy. .

One of the recent recipients of Dr. Usman’s book donation is 85-year-old Dr. Abraham Aderemi Alo, FCIB, who got more than he expected from the donor.

In a note of appreciation to his benefactor, he said: “My humble request for a ‘loaf’ from your rich bakery has been generously provided with a rejuvenating life basket of well-baked bread varieties.

“As a graceful and healthy 85-year-old young man in his 85s, I congratulate you once again on your outstanding literary achievements on various subjects. You are indeed a Giant and a Genius of Literature, deserving of all the local and international awards bestowed on you.

“May Allah grant you good health and His blessings to continue reaping the fruits and dividends of your investments, human and cultural, through your writings.”

Dr. Usman reiterated during the 10th anniversary of the foundation that in addition to “the goal of promoting literacy and the culture of reading among our people, we hope that readers will find certain aspects of the information provided in the books informative and instructive”.

He said, “In fact, the foundation values ​​the gift of literacy and knowledge more than any other gift it has been able to offer its beneficiaries.

The foundation runs social welfare programs aimed at alleviating the misery in which the underprivileged groan, but its publications are aimed at enhancing public enlightenment, as well as enhancing the atmosphere of hope.

Publications range from Folklore, Memoirs, Democracy and Governance, History, Language and Culture, Gender Studies, Security, Public Policy and Administration, CDs , videos and audio songs, among others. The foundation also sponsors the publication, republication, or purchase and donation of viable works by others.


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