Saras Micro Devices selects Arizona for its new…



As the company points out, Arizona – and in particular the Greater Phoenix area – has become a hub for the US semiconductor industry. The Greater Phoenix area is home to 22,203 semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing jobs and is currently the third largest metropolitan area for semiconductor manufacturing employment. All of this makes the Greater Phoenix area an extremely strategic location for the Saras Micro Devices manufacturing site.

The company designs and manufactures power supply solutions for next-generation electronic products. The company has an office in Atlanta, Georgia, which focuses on research and development and plans to add an office in Cupertino, California, which will be the company’s center of design excellence. Currently, there are approximately 25 engineers at the Atlanta site focusing on research and development. Saras says in a press release that the Chandler site will have around 15 full-time employees by the end of 2022, and will double that number by next summer – and continue to grow at as more transactions and products come online.

“Our new location in Chandler, Arizona will support the ramp-up of manufacturing of Saras’ revolutionary Aluminum Integrated Passive Devices (AIPDs), which deliver significant improvements in power and thermal efficiency, as well as our innovation continues in terms of products.

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