RWE relies on UL solutions for Polish certification of offshore wind farms


August 17, 2022

Credit: brand.punkt./AdobeStock

RWE Offshore Wind Poland, a subsidiary of RWE Renewables, has chosen UL Solutions as the certifier for its FEW Baltic II offshore wind farm.

UL Solutions will certify the design fundamentals of the 350 MW project, which will be built in the Polish Baltic Sea approximately 55 kilometers from shore, covering an area of ​​41 square kilometers, in water depths of 30 to 50 meters.

“UL Solutions will begin certification in accordance with the provisions of the Maritime Safety Act and IEC international regulations and procedures. The entire process will take place in consultation with the Polish Register of Shipping (PRS), which has a long experience working with projects in the Baltic Sea. UL Solutions’ cooperation with PRS demonstrates the importance of Polish companies in the process of building and operating the FEW Baltic II offshore wind farm,” said RWE.

“The construction of offshore wind farms is particularly important to accelerate the energy transition. With the energy produced in the Baltic Sea, it will be easier to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, towards green energy sources. By implementing the FEW Baltic II project, we will significantly contribute to this positive change while accelerating national economic development through collaboration with Polish suppliers and contractors,” says Lucas Prietz, Project manager of the FEW Baltic II wind farm at RWE Renewables. “Poland is one of the most attractive offshore growth markets for our company. That’s why we don’t want to stop at the FEW Baltic II project and have applied for the 11 areas made available for other offshore wind farms by the Polish government.

“Electricity generated by offshore wind is key to transitioning from reliance on fossil fuels to renewables,” says Joern Gerlach, Engineering Manager within the Renewable Energies team of the UL Energy Solutions and Industrial Automation group. “Confirming that offshore wind technologies can support the electricity grid while optimizing energy production is crucial to accelerating the development of wind farms and Poland’s green energy transition. We are proud to partner with RWE to help advance the adoption of safer and more reliable wind energy.

When fully operational, the FEW Baltic II wind farm will be able to generate enough electricity to meet the needs of approximately 350,000 Polish households.

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