Russia bans entry to actor Jim Carrey and author Margret Atwood


Russian Foreign Ministry says it has banned 100 people ‘directly involved in aggressive anti-Russian policy’

Russia announced on Monday that it was barring entry to about 100 Canadians, including Jim Carrey, Margaret Atwood and several journalists, following new Canadian sanctions in October.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said it had banned 100 people “directly involved in forming an aggressive anti-Russian policy”.

Among them was 60-year-old actor and comedian Jim Carrey, known for films such as “Ace Ventura” and “The Mask.”

Margaret Atwood, the author of the dystopian novel “The Handmaid’s Tale,” is also on the list, along with several Ukrainian Canadians.

Journalists, including state broadcaster Radio Canada Murray Brewster, Margaret Evans and Adrienne Arsenault were also banned. Amy Knight, a KGB historian, was also included.

On Monday, Canada sanctioned 24 Russians, including members of the justice and security sectors, who the Prime Minister’s Office said were implicated in gross and systematic human rights abuses against Israeli leaders. Russian opposition.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said it decided on a new round of sanctions “in response to the practice, implemented by Justin Trudeau’s regime, of imposing sanctions against Russian leaders, politicians and parliamentarians, business representatives, experts and journalists, cultural personalities”.

There are now 1,005 Canadian companies and citizens sanctioned by Russia.

Since the start of the Ukrainian offensive on February 24, Canada has sanctioned more than 1,400 individuals and entities in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. »


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