Rick and Morty God of War Ragnarok video was animated by modders


The Rick and Morty God of War Ragnarok The trailer, now dubbed “God of War Ricknarok”, was brought to life thanks to a modder.

Next the recent God of War Ragnarok commercial – which sees animated duo Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith transport themselves to the Nine Realms and take on the roles of Kratos and Atreus – modder Fantasy Omega (opens in a new tab) made this scenario even more real by altering the two characters in God of War 2018.

Taking dialogue from the commercial, sound bites from the series, and God of War-themed character appearances, Omega Fantasy altered the pair to iconic scenes from the previous game. In the video, we see Rick take on bosses such as Dauði Kaupmaðr and Baldur while Morty helps out where he can. You can see the surreal video for yourself below.

Speaking of Rick and Morty going up against God of War, at least the series creator it was recently revealed that Justin Roiland’s next shooter High on Life has been delayed in part so it doesn’t have to fight for the attention of God of War Ragnarok when he breaks free. According to the game’s creative director, Mikey Spano, November is already an incredibly busy time for games, so it only made sense to push the game’s release date from October to December.

Aside from Rick and Morty, God of War Ragnarok developer Santa Monica Studio is gearing up for the sequel’s November 9, 2022 release, giving fans several previews of the upcoming title. Last week we were able to see some new gameplay footage from God of War Ragnarok which shows off Kratos’ new weapon abilities as well as new reptilian enemies the Grims.

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