Retired Author and Educator Charlie Burry Publishes Second Book | New


“It’s a book you can put down and come back to it later,” he said.

Burry said the first section is about his learning experiences from the pupil until he walked the halls of his alma mater as a principal.

The second section recalls his teaching experience in a juvenile correctional school and the impact it had on his educational philosophy, both personally and professionally.

The third section deals with his coaching career. He coached for 31 years, including as a football coach, basketball coach and tennis coach.

Burry said the fourth section is a list of experiences and places he has been fortunate enough to visit.

The fifth section is filled with humor and joke stories, which are a part of his life.

In a sixth section, Burry introduces readers to 10 people who have helped make him a better person “just because of their friendship and the way they’ve lived their lives.”

The final section contains more life lessons that come from his life experiences as a parent, coach, school leader, and riding a unicycle.

“I’m still learning life lessons,” said Burry. “I don’t know anyone who isn’t.”

Burry said it was never about making money. He said you don’t make money with self-publishing. All profits from his books, beyond publishing and printing costs, go to a scholarship fund at Hartsville High School. He said the first scholarship this year was awarded to the senior program in May 2021 to Shelby Allen, who attends the College of Charleston.


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