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Moscow – The reactor vessel has been installed in the design position at Unit 3 of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (Republic of India, General Designer and General Contractor is the Engineering Division of Rosatom State Corporation).

The assembly of the reactor vessel is a milestone that launches new activities for the assembly of nuclear power plant equipment to accelerate the construction of Unit 3 as part of the second stage of the plant Kudankulam nuclear.

The Indian customer, for the first time when assembling VVER type units, assembled the reactor vessel by the “Open Top” method. This technology can significantly reduce project implementation time by optimizing and reducing the duration and number of assembly operations.

The certification of the LIEBHERR LR-11350 crawler crane with a capacity of 1130 tons was successfully carried out as part of the preparation for the installation of the reactor vessel. The certification was necessary to ensure safe operations because the total weight of the reactor vessel is 327 tons. This procedure is the final step for receiving permission from the official bodies of India regulating the execution of the assembly of the main equipment of the nuclear power plant.

Previously, ASE JSC (part of the engineering division of Rosatom State Corporation) had shipped the reactor to the construction site in accordance with its obligations.

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