Rapid progress at Russia’s pilot demonstration energy complex



Russia’s Titan-2 said on May 25 that it is continuing construction of the Proryv (Breakthrough) Project (ODEK) demonstration pilot energy complex at the Siberian Chemical Combine site in Seversk. Specialists from the Proryv and Sibir separate subdivisions of Titan-2, SosnovoborElektroMontazh and other contractors work at the site. Over the summer, some 300 volunteers from the student construction teams will join in the work of the facility.

ODEK aims to demonstrate a closed nuclear fuel cycle on a single site. Ultimately, it will include a fuel fabrication-refabrication module producing mixed fuel of uranium and plutonium nitride (MNUP), as well as a fuel reprocessing module and the BREST-300 lead-cooled fast neutron reactor. . Completion of work under the contract is scheduled for 2024.

Titan-2 said work is currently being completed on the reactor building’s zero level: walls are being erected and ceilings are being reinforced and concreted. By the end of the year, it is planned to reach the bar of +12 meters on the reactor building. In the turbine building, specialists concrete the floors at zero level. The plan for this year is to reach the level +27 meters.

Work continues on the fuel fabrication-refabrication module. This year it is planned to transfer the main technological systems ready for commissioning. At present, the gas-air supply system is at a high degree of readiness and pipeline testing is beginning. The feed system adjustment continues. The connection of the main equipment will begin after commissioning of all engineering systems.

In addition, the construction of a lead preparation building and a cooling tower is in progress. All necessary concrete structures of the cooling tower have been completed and installation of the support belt for the lower sections has begun. This year it is planned to concrete the body of the cooling tower up to +44 meters – the final height of the structure will be 88 meters.

One of the key tasks for the near future is the installation of a 95 meter high exhaust pipe next to the main production building. The lower sections of the pipe have already been brought to the site. Its installation should be completed in June. It was announced in May that the BREST-OD-300 reactor was to have a digital twin.

When Titan-2 CEO Grigory Naginsky visited ODEK in April, he said, “The Proryv project can be compared to the launch of a perpetual motion machine – it’s a huge step forward. The emergence of the Proryv project will advance the development of the energy sector as a whole. It can certainly be compared to flying through space or discovering new galaxies.

Image: Construction of the Proryv Project Pilot Demonstration Energy Complex (ODEK) continues at the Siberian Chemical Combine site in Seversk (Credit: Olga Isaeva)

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