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Visit booth E50 and the conference area at The Engineering Design Show at 11:15 a.m. Thursday the 13the October, to learn more about igus all plastic: bike

On October 12 and 13, igus will exhibit the world’s first all-plastic city bike at the Engineering Design Show. The bike was first launched at Hannover Messe on 30e May

The igus:bicycle is the world’s first nearly all-plastic bicycle and the world’s first bicycle made from recycled plastic. It will be on display at the Engineering Design Show (EDS) at the Coventry Building Society Arena on 12 and 13 October, stand E50. Around 90% of the bike’s materials are plastic, including special motion plastic components from igus, and the frame, wheels and forks are made by MTRL in the Netherlands, igus’ partner on this project since 2021 A 100% recycled material variant will be demonstrated at EDS and both types will be commercially available in early 2023

Revolution in green transport: igus:bike

igus:bike was designed to address a serious problem: the world is drowning in plastic waste. Large amounts of plastic in landfills are increasing rapidly and millions of tonnes end up in the ocean and can enter the food chain as microplastics, endangering marine, animal and human life. Companies must abandon the traditional linear business model and migrate to a fully circular economy.

Like all igus moving components, igus:bike is lubrication and maintenance free, a revelation for cyclists who constantly have to fight against weather, humidity and rust with grease and lubricating fluids. The two-wheeler has a long list of features to attract users: it is lubrication-free, durable, lightweight, low-friction, rust-free, and performs tough in dirt, water, and chemicals. Solid lubricants incorporated into the engineering plastic parts provide lubrication. Mud and dirt are simply rinsed off with a hose without the need for anti-rust oil. igus supplies all moving parts of the bicycle: ball bearings, wheel bearings, sprockets, gears, brakes, drives, cranks and grips. The drive chain is carbon or rubber and a handful of other components come from partner manufacturers.

“I have been with igus for 25 years and have seen many product launches, but this new igus:bike has the potential to be a real game-changer for simple, wear-free transport,” said Matthew Aldridge, Managing Director from igus UK. “By combining igus’ expertise in motion plastics with our environmental credentials, we have produced something that we believe will change the way people travel. I’m delighted to be exhibiting it here at EDS, a major engineering innovation show.

Collaborate to increase sustainability

To encourage collaboration between companies to eliminate carbon and CO2 from bicycle manufacturing, igus is creating a platform for collaborators and competitors to join, supply parts and obtain igus designs: most ecological and best bikes. MTRL is the first full partner and companies such as Coleo (frames) and Gates (belts) have been invited.

Other multi-speed versions are planned, as well as an electric variant. Igus:bike will also be available as a children’s bike. The plan is that igus will provide an online configurator on which individual variants of the bike can be configured. Since the recycled variant will be available as a children’s bike, they could eventually “grow with the bike”. “The idea is that the bike is not thrown away when the owner needs a new frame size, but is regranulated and a new frame is made from that regranulate,” says Matthew Aldridge. . “It’s particularly interesting for a children’s bike – the bike grows with him.”

Key partnerships enable focus on specialties

igus CEO Frank Blasé first came across the concept of a lube-free bike in 2009 while vacationing in the US and saw the high maintenance needs of rental bikes. In 2019, Frank meets two brothers Johannes and Benjamin Alderse Baas, invested in their company MTRL in 2020. From mid-2021, MTRL focuses entirely on the development of the all-plastic bicycle with igus.

Series production of the igus:bike could be ready by the end of 2022. The next step for MTRL is to ensure that both models are well received by the market and to further develop the children’s bike. igus is now looking to work with other frame manufacturers and will expand its test lab in Cologne to test plastic frames and wheels of all kinds and brands.

Visit igus:bike at booth E50

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