Petaluma Author Launches New “Z-Listers” Podcast


Petaluma resident Chase Overholt continues his success following the release of his 2020 cookbook, “Tofu ‘n Tequila,” with a new “Z-Listers” podcast. The podcast tells the stories of everyday people in the community, not Petaluma’s most famous or well-known residents, but what Overholt affectionately calls “Z-list celebrities.”

Overholt was born in Bakersfield, California and lived there for a time before moving to Boone County, Kentucky. He often fights a Southern straggler even after returning to the West Coast. The budding podcaster traveled to Sonoma County to attend Sonoma State University where he graduated in 2020 with a degree in critical mathematics. He fell in love with Petaluma while in college.

“I’ve always loved cooking, so I thought let’s marry these two things I’m really passionate about and write a vegan cookbook,” Overholt said. “During this time I also launched my first successful podcast which was called ‘A Cool Mess’.” Don’t go looking for episodes of this first effort, though. “It has since been erased from the face of the internet because I was worried it would fit my brand today,” he said.

Still, this podcast – featuring interviews with college students talking about their adventures in their early twenties – had around 200,000 listeners at its peak.

“Listen Note, the podcast archive company called it in the top 5% of podcasts,” Overholt said. He started on Vine and made his way to Tik Tok where he now has around 30,000 followers.

“As I was getting big on Vine, I was like, ‘Okay, I’m a little behind on the Vine game, and I know these creators that really blew up were there from the start,'” he said. -he declares. “So I thought to myself, what will be the next big platform? And I thought it was going to be podcasting and it turned out to be.

Overholt said he jumped in without a plan and it worked out pretty well.

“No one died so I would say it’s a success,” he sums up.

The new podcast, “Z-Listers”, is released in segments. The first segment is now available and the next is scheduled for the end of this month. The idea behind the podcast came from a personal interest in a more general radio show that covers local news and things happening. During a conversation with her friend Emma Rose, the singer of the group PRXZM, Overholt realized that they both existed in a semi-influencer sphere where they were asked to do brand deals and sent PR packages – but couldn’t earn enough income doing that. .

“We feel like in Sonoma County we’re celebrities, but the second we leave this county, we’re nothing. So we’re like Z-list celebrities,” Overholt said. “And it kind of turned into this thing like, why wouldn’t I interview normal people in our community who are doing great things but aren’t being treated like celebrities?”

The first two podcast modules include interviews with friends and acquaintances of Overholt. He hopes that in the future, local listeners will reach out to be invited to the show, those in the community who have a story to tell.

“Petaluma is full of so many interesting types of people and especially so many benefactors,” Overholt said. “People who are really proud to be part of this community, so I’d like to highlight them.”

The topics of each episode will depend on who is featured and current events.

Overholt is very involved in the community, helping nonprofits like the LGBTQIA+ group Amor Para Todos and Charlie’s Acres, a no-kill animal sanctuary in Sonoma. He organized Amor Para Todos’ “Give Out Day” fundraiser, which raised just over $20,000.

“That’s been my thing lately, hosting charity galas,” Overholt said. “I just hosted another one at Charlie’s Acres Animal Sanctuary in Sonoma where we raised $75,000 to support this animal sanctuary where pigs, cows and chickens live their best lives.”

He hopes to have a second vegan cookbook in the future after seeing so much success with his first.

“It was really awesome,” he said. “It was thanks to the cookbook that I had the opportunity to host the charity gala at Charlie’s Acres. It really opened up the world for me to become the creative person and creator that I always wanted to be. So I feel like this book really changed my life in so many ways.

Emma Molloy is an intern at Argus-Courrier. She can be reached at [email protected] For those interested in being featured on the podcast, you can message Overholt through his @veganchase Instagram account.


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