AI helps new OrthoFX Rescue Aligners save 65% of patients from treatment delays and OrthoFX Bright Aligners give patients a reason to smile.

FREMONT, Calif., May 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — OrthoFX, the first all-in-one transparent alignment platform, announced its launch to American orthodontists at the American Association of Orthodontists Annual Meeting in Miami. As part of the launch, OrthoFX announced the commercial availability of Rescue™ and Bright Aligners™, two breakthrough polymer innovations designed to eliminate treatment breakdowns while providing instant gratification for orthodontic patients.


About Rescue Aligners: Most patients don’t wear their aligners as prescribed – 22 hours a day. This results in off-track treatments. Today, the only way to remedy this deviation is to make additional visits to the doctor and resume treatment. The current recovery process can result in over 8 weeks of delays and requires multiple unscheduled office visits.

Rescue aligners work in conjunction with OrthoFX’s proprietary, AI-driven remote monitoring solution – FXOnTrack™ – creating a closed-loop system for proactive detection and elimination of aligner failures. When FXOnTrack flags a case as off-track, physicians can trigger the production of a back-up aligner that is shipped directly to the patient’s home. This unique aligner provides the required flexibility and consistent forces to correct up to a month off plan without an office visit.

Loc Phanco-founder and Head of Materials Engineering, said, “With the launch of Backup Aligners, we are eliminating a thorny issue that has plagued the clear aligner industry for the past 25 years”

About Light Aligners: Since the advent of orthodontics over 150 years ago, patients have disliked the time it takes to see significant straightening results. This has resulted in less adoption of the available solutions by patients and a general feeling of dissatisfaction with the category. To compound this problem further, consumers today expect instant gratification from the products they use. OrthoFX addresses this timely need with an exclusive new aligner, called OrthoFX Bright, which is designed to make teeth look whiter and straighter from the first day of use.

“The exciting launch of OrthoFX’s Rescue and Bright aligners supports their commitment to revolutionizing clear aligner therapy. We are developing an intelligent continuing care system to advance the standard of care in the industry,” said Rene Menonco-founder and CEO of OrthoFX.

Rescue and Bright Aligners will be available from May 22n/a included for OrthoFX partner practices. For more information, visit (Rescue Aligners) https://www.orthofx.com/rescue-aligners/ and (Bright Aligners) https://www.orthofx.com/orthofx-bright-aligners/.

About OrthoFX: Founded by a team of industry experts who have been instrumental in building and scaling the clear aligner category. OrthoFX is pioneering next-generation advances in orthodontics and dental treatment through innovations in polymers, software and services. Learn how to become an OrthoFX provider by visiting www.orthofx.com/doctors.

Julie Yomans – Senior Marketing Manager, OrthoFX
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