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The names of the students who made the Scholastic Honor Roll Winter 2022 have been announced by Oregon State University. A total of 7,732 scored a B-plus (3.5) or better to make the list. To be on the honor roll, students must complete at least 12 hours of graded coursework.

Students on the Lincoln County Honor Roll included:

Blodgett— Jaime M. Chambers, junior, animal science.

Depoe Bay — Amelia R. Valentine, junior, agricultural science; Taylor K. Williams, senior, human development and family sciences; Ayden M. Woodard, junior, chemical engineering.

Gleneden Beach — Kealy C. Boyd, junior, public health.

City of Lincoln — Jose L. Cortez-Segura, junior, mechanical engineering; Ethan T. Schutze, second year, mechanical engineering; Noa M. Stoll, second-year student, environmental science; Alexandra L. Wheeler, senior, biology.

Neotsu — Napela R. Napoleon, second year, geography and geospatial sciences.

Newport— Sydney K. Andersen, senior, forest engineering; Dmitri Au, senior, kinesiology; Kona S. Baldwin, junior, chemical engineering; Samuel J. Barton, senior, electrical and computer engineering; Rowan H. Bender, senior, chemical engineering; Cole A. Braxling, junior, psychology; Phantakan Chenni, senior, business administration; Rose E. Dixon, second year, zoology; Caressa R. Dunphy, senior, nutrition; Lucas J. Ellingson-Cosenza, senior, biology; Britnie L. Gwynn, junior, psychology; Nathaniel P. Hannan, senior, mechanical engineering; Auden Heitzler, second year, fish and wildlife science; Melissa Hernandez, junior, public health; Samantha G. Holloway, second year, exploratory university studies; Nikolai K. Krutzikowsky, junior, zoology; Michelle Landa-Jaime, junior, public health; Aliyah D. Lopez, junior, graphic design; Rory S. Moeller, senior, IT; Rilee G. Powell, junior, biology; Caden D. Shanks, second year, kinesiology; Cole Theodore, senior, IT; Cooper L. Theodore, senior, creative writing; Megan A. Wagner, senior, biology.

Otis— Madison L. Hall, sophomore, creative writing; Lillian R. Parker, second year, pre-teaching.

Seal Rock — Sophie H. Dziak, Senior, Design and Innovation Management.

Siletz — Tacoma J. Brown, senior, architectural engineering; Jutta G. Pearce, senior, public policy.

South Beach – Alexander E. Rash, senior, IT.

Toledo — Hailey R. Baker, sophomore, accounting; Jessica C. French, post baccalaureate, biology; Victoria H. Kidman, junior, history; Alan S. King, sophomore, biohealth sciences; Nancy L. King, senior, psychology; Trent L. Kinion, senior, mechanical engineering; Erica C. Redman, sophomore, mathematics.

Waldport— Graham W. Jones, second year, general engineering; Wyatt M. Schrock, Jr., Mechanical Engineering.

Yachts — Kaeden R. Fletcher-Vogel, Junior, biology; Emrys G. Golden, senior, English.

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