Nintendo Won’t Launch New Hardware Until Spring 2023


Nintendo reportedly has no plans to release more hardware this fiscal year, a Japanese outlet revealed in an interview with Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa.

Highlighted by the journalist Takashi Mochizuki (opens in a new tab) on Twitter, a recent report from the business publication Nikkei (opens in a new tab) (paywall) revealed that there will be no new Nintendo hardware this fiscal year, i.e. until March 2023.

As Mochizuki explains in his tweet, it’s unclear if Nikkei is claiming this, or if it was said by Furukawa, who was being interviewed by the publication in the story. GamesRadar+ has reached out to Nintendo for clarification and will update this story with the company’s response.

For years, Nintendo fans have been speculating about future iterations of the Nintendo Switch. We have, of course, obtained the Nintendo Switch OLED back in October 2021 but talks about a Nintendo Switch Pro never really disappeared. The last suggestive piece of evidence we got from this existing console was in the form of a series of unlisted YouTube videos, but this later turned out to be just a case of licensing issues rather than preparation for a console announcement as had been speculated.

In other Nintendo Switch related news, Nintendo recently revealed that it is ramping up Nintendo Switch production in time for the holiday season this year. As revealed in the company’s financial results for the first quarter of the fiscal year ending in 2023, Nintendo was unable to meet its initial production targets for the console due to “supply delays components such as semiconductors”.

That should change as we move forward, as the developer said it plans to “leverage appropriate shipping means” to “deliver as many Nintendo Switch systems as possible to consumers in every region.”

Aside from new Nintendo consoles, take a look at our upcoming Switch games to know what else we should expect.

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