New Autonomous Lawn Mower Can Navigate With GPS



After many successful personal two-wheeled carriers, Segway set its sights on the robotic mower market. The company recently launched its first smart lawn mower, the Navimow. As the name suggests, the robotic mower uses GPS to navigate all kinds of lawns and stay within the desired perimeter while working independently. In addition, it is completely wireless.

A new mowing experience

Segway says Navimow uses new technology, a GPS-based solution the company calls “the Extra Fusion Tracking System,” which helps the mower achieve centimeter-level positioning accuracy while mapping a working area in one. times. Usually, robotic lawn mowers, no matter how advanced they are, require a boundary wire to keep them from going off the grid. But Navimow combines multisensory data to create a virtual map while mowing the grass, in addition to its Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).

Source: Segway

“At the heart of this technology is the use of GPS satellite signals to achieve outdoor positioning accurate to within two centimeters through real-time kinematics,” said George Ren, General Manager of Segway BU, in an interview with Technical hours.

The robotic lawnmower has five sets of built-in sensors, including a lift sensor, a shock sensor, ultrasonic sensors, the automatic blade stop function and a tilt sensor. To move around the lawn with ease, Navimow uses advanced ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles in its path and changes direction in advance to avoid a collision. Not only smart but also safe, the blade stop function activates when Navimow detects a dog, child or even a hedgehog nearby.

During production, Segway put usability in perspective. While the mower can be easily controlled through its mobile app, it also only has three buttons. You can even change its working perimeters on the lawn with a few clicks. Not to mention the fact that it’s super quiet at just 54 decibels and it’s waterproof.

Navimow can be used on all types and / or shapes of lawns. The robot has high traction wheels that help traverse steep or hilly areas with powerful hub motors and Segway’s famous motion control technology. With a durable 10.4 Ah battery, it covers an area of ​​32,300 sq. Ft. (3,000 m²) on a single charge. When its battery is low, the smart mower will automatically return to its docking station.

New Autonomous Lawn Mower Can Navigate With GPS
Source: Segway

While running, the robot uses its intelligent navigation system and intricately plans the most efficient cutting route. If necessary, he can make changes of direction to create a systematic pattern.

Ren explains, “Once the working area in the garden is defined, Navimow does not crisscross, but rather determines a systematic mowing path with its intelligent navigation algorithm and follows it. ”

According to Segway, the Navimow offers unprecedented improvements in grass cutting efficiency with its automatically optimized cutting length settings and advanced offset blade system.

Using modern technological solutions for simple internal tasks that take up precious time provides much-needed peace of mind for those coming home, looking to rest after long hours at work, or go shopping. With the ever-improving home robotics industry, we may soon never have to lift a finger at home again.

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