Netflix’s One Major Bridgerton Scene That Author Julia Quinn Said Should Be In Season 2


Adapting a beloved book series into a TV show is no small task (like The iron Throne knows too well). There is the risk of straying too far from the source material and butchering the original author’s intent (as George RR Martin knows all too well). However, when it comes to Netflix’s adaptation of the Regency era Bridgerton books, author Julia Quinn was firm on at least one major scene that needed to make the cut in Season 2 of the hit show.

The new season is based (for the most part) on the next sibling and the next book in the queue: The viscount who loved me. To borrow a line from Anthony’s character, the series “took liberties in terms of adaptation, but it has nonetheless held court in the top 10 on Netflix since its March 25 release. In an interview with Town & Country, Julia Quinn shared that there was only one scene where she really felt the need to put her foot down, and that was the first scene at the Pall Mall. In it, the Bridgertons and the “Sharmas” (although that’s not their surname in the books) play a rousing game in the countryside. Quinn said:

I’m very indifferent, but one of the few things I voiced my opinion on was that this scene had to be in there. I basically said it had to be [in the show], and they’re like, oh yeah, we’re on it. It wasn’t a fight.

The author added that the scene didn’t necessarily need to be verbatim from the page, but ultimately just had to maintain “the spirit of it had to be there” . Looking back now, she thinks the way it was handled was “perfect”, including the recall during the final. (Although, again, the end of the book is much further along in the timeline compared to the end of season 2.) Creator/executive producer Chris Van Dusen echoed Julia Quinn’s thoughts, telling the point of sale :

It’s the quintessence of Bridgerton. You get that sharp banter between the siblings; you get the family dynamic established on these beautiful grounds on a sprawling estate in stunning countryside; it had to be included.

Still, there is a key difference between the mall scene in the show’s second season and the text. Specifically, the Duke of Hastings is not seen playing the game with the band – and we all know why now. The actor behind the character, Regé-Jean Page, left the hit drama after the first season and reportedly turned down Netflix’s $50,000 per episode offer to appear in the new one.

A few other notable tweaks have also been made to Bridgertonis back. For example, Eloise Bridgerton’s comrade in arms / slight love interest for Theo Sharpe (played by Calam Lynch) does not exist in the books, but was apparently added to help bolster Eloise’s quest for discover the identity of Lady Whistledown. Lynch, in fact, wanted one of his ideas added to the Season 2 mix: scenes of Theo shirtless. It didn’t end up happening. Still, to be honest, the sight probably would have been welcome, given how much the fanbase lamented the lack of sex scenes during this go-around.

Either way, Season 2 got plenty of other quintessential moments from Kate and Anthony. (But all that torn sisterhood wasn’t quite the case in the books – hush!) Next in Julia Quinn’s series is An offer from a gentleman, which focuses on the love life of Benedict Bridgerton. But don’t be offended dear reader – Kanthony (or is it Antate?) is coming back for season 3, so maybe we’ll see that wedding scene after all… Check out the other titles coming to Netflix’s 2022 TV schedule in the meantime!


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