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Few people in the IT industry have more than two decades of experience with various companies – some even Fortune 500 companies – but for Navneet Gupta, that was just the start of the journey. The established technology leader aims to dig deeper into how important industries can benefit from implementing technology and is passionate about using technology for innovation. Navneet has a keen eye for implementing systems to improve efficiency and convenience, but also recognizes that, in today’s world, technology is not just a set of tools. Today, technology is also a leader in its own right, setting trends for how people behave and interact with the world around them.

How Navneet Gupta Became an IT Leader

Navneet completed his graduate studies and started climbing the corporate ladder at an early age. Since he graduated with honors from the prestigious Delhi College of Engineering in India, job offers from IT companies started lining up while he was still in college. Navneet started his career as a systems designer and within a few years transitioned into the role of an engineering specialist with great technical acumen in enterprise software architecture.

His first leadership opportunity came as Director of Engineering at FranConnect in 2014. During his tenure at the leading franchise management software provider, Navneet led their mobile applications and enterprise product units. business. Subsequently, he took another step to advance his career by moving to Sinch AB as Vice President of Engineering.

Navneet’s move to Sinch has been characterized by rapid growth and remarkable success. He led the development of Axiom, a one-of-a-kind intelligent communications platform enabling businesses to communicate in real time with their customers across multiple channels such as SMS, email, voice and WhatsApp. Listed in Nasscom’s “Product Excellence Matrix”, Axiom has been deployed in more than 30 banks and financial institutions under Navneet’s leadership. The corporate clientele managed by Navneet included renowned names such as HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, IndusInd Bank and Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC).

Navneet eventually held leadership positions for Bed Bath & Beyond and Apptio Inc., before aiming to make his own mark as an entrepreneur. As Navneet himself describes: “The challenge of uncovering business goals and implementing best practices to achieve desired results is what has driven me all these years in leadership. This work ethic is only sustained only through self-discipline and a strong commitment to quality service.”

Navneet’s foray into entrepreneurship

Most recently, Navneet co-founded Verita Software – a company specializing in healthcare IT services that use artificial intelligence (AI) to aid in decision making and improve patient outcomes. The software uses proprietary algorithms and predictive models to generate information about patient conditions, medications, procedures, and encounters. This information is then analyzed to detect discrepancies and used to close gaps in patient care and automate clinical, administrative and operational activities.

Predictive analytics is a monumental advancement for many healthcare organizations, allowing them to more accurately estimate the likelihood of a future outcome based on patterns observed in the data. Additionally, organizations that can identify people at high risk of developing chronic diseases (as early as possible in disease progression) have the best chance of helping patients avoid long-term health problems. , expensive and difficult to process. It is literally a matter of life or death in certain situations.

And, of course, it also has huge financial benefits. Predictive technology tools are now in high demand by medical facility leaders looking to reduce variation and gain more actionable insights into ordering patterns and supply utilization. By understanding this data, health service providers could reduce costs by millions of dollars and significantly reduce wasted supplies.

Verita Software is the culmination of everything Navneet stands for – the fusion of cloud computing with globally scalable solutions. The company recognizes the fact that while digitization is the way forward, the journey can be fraught with pitfalls and fragmentation. But Verita is the solution to fill all the gaps. And, as we have now entered the third year of the global health pandemic, it seems this company has emerged at the right time. As many crumbled in this time of chaos, Navneet was able to look beyond the struggle and find the silver lining of opportunities that will also help people and businesses in substantial ways.

Excellence is not an act, but a habit

In addition to launching his own company, the recognized industry leader also achieved two major milestones this year. He has been shortlisted for both the Forbes Technology Council, by invitation only, and IT Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square. These are very distinguished and remarkable achievements for Navneet Gupta. His expertise was also recently called upon to serve on the juries of the Stevie Awards – the world’s top business awards – as well as the SIIA CODiE Awards.

His early and later successes allowed him to meet the challenges of standing out in a highly saturated industry. That being said, Navneet believes his competition or measure of success doesn’t come from other people, as he simply strives to push himself to be the best version of himself that he can be.

It is obvious that for Navneet Gupta, there will always be a new challenge to face and a new skill to develop. He believes that a person’s accomplishments reflect the combination of hard work, ethics and dedication. Given his impressive list of successes, he is clearly an admired and highly sought-after leader in the IT industry.

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