Naruto: Kakashi Hatake’s zodiac sign and how he defines it


Born September 15, Kakashi Hatake is a Virgo, an earthly astrological sign. He embodies the sign in a unique way.

Masashi Kishimoto’s story Naruto stars hero Naruto Uzumaki, and one of Naruto’s very first mentors and teachers was the mysterious Jonin Kakashi Hatake. Appearing early in the story, Kakashi Hatake intrigued viewers with his unusual Sharingan eye, eccentric demeanor, and formidable fighting skills.

More details about Kakashi’s life were revealed later, such as his time as a genin on the personal team of Minato Namikaze and his friendship with Obito Uchiha in his youth. All of this and more shaped Kakashi into who he is today and his colorful personality can be further illuminated with his astrological sign, Virgo. This particular earth sign can describe it in several ways.

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Virgo, the astrological sign of the young girl

Kakashi Hatake was born on September 15th according to the Naruto databook, which means he was born as a Virgo, an earth sign in the astrological tradition. This sign is represented by a maiden and a stalk of wheat, representing the hardworking, practical and somewhat analytical nature of this sign. Anyone born under this sign, as the horoscopes say, is a down-to-earth person who is more concerned with the physical world around them than with mystical energies or high concepts. This distinguishes Virgos from air signs like Gemini or water signs like Cancer.

Virgos are methodical people with a keen eye for detail, which means they have a strong work ethic that leads to impressive results. Virgos are diligence and results-oriented, and they don’t like to rush into anything before they’ve thought about it. In a way, this makes Virgo sign good analysts, planners, and managers, similar to MBTI personality types like commander or architect. The ruling body of Virgo is Mercury, which is known for its affinity for speaking and writing, efforts that require a good sense of detail and diligent work.

Virgos aren’t perfect, however. They can be cautious and diligent, but they can also frustrate or annoy others with their high expectations and constant criticism. They can be bossy at times, and they can be too slow and methodical for the air signs and fire signs to be appreciated. Virgos can also appear dry and humorless, which can cost them friendships and weaken their charisma. Earth signs often have a problem with this.

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Kakashi Hatake as Virgo in Naruto

Kakashi has the creativity of an air sign and the mysterious aura of a water sign, but he also embodies his natural sign of Virgo in his own way. Kakashi’s creative and brilliant mind is rooted in his methodical and analytical nature. He has proven to be a brilliant and insightful shinobi who rarely rushes into anything. As a true Virgo, Kakashi has often criticized Naruto Uzumaki or Obito for getting ahead, and he doesn’t have much enthusiasm for his largely one-sided rivalry with Might Guy. Kakashi prefers to stick to protocol and get the job done according to the book, but he’s open to a bit of improvisation if needed. When a mission begins, like Tazuna’s Escort Mission or Gaara’s Rescue Mission, Kakashi liked to keep things by the book. He often held back an emotional Naruto or Sakura when they tried to make their own rules.

In his youth, Kakashi was a cool, aloof, and disciplined shinobi, like a true Virgo. This often angered his ambitious and idealistic teammate, Obito. In fact, Kakashi claimed that ninjas who break the rules are garbage, which prompted Obito to say that ninjas who abandon their teammates are even lower than garbage. Kakashi mocked at first, being a Virgo at heart, but later adopted Obito’s words in the wake of Obito’s apparent death.

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As a Virgo, Kakashi is a busy and disciplined shinobi, and fluff lore says he has completed several hundred missions, from D-rank races to S-rank missions that only a tactical genius like him could hope to survive. Kakashi was also a practical and patient mentor for Team 7 as a Virgo instructor. He encouraged his three genin heads to apply Virgo style diligence in everything they do.

At one point, Kakashi even became the Sixth Hokage, and such a title is preferable for a Virgo like him as someone who has the diligence to juggle many tasks with care. Kakashi’s tenure as the Hokage was pretty short before he was replaced by Naruto Uzumaki, but he got the job done. If he had chosen him, he could have been a good leader for many years with his astrological sign to guide him. Virgos have an affinity for managerial work, after all.

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