Monadnock Ledger-Transcript – Monadnock Community Hospital Appoints New Trustees and Trustees


Posted: 02/25/2022 16:38:24

Monadnock Community Hospital (MCH) announces the appointment of new Trustees and Trustees.

Board members include President James M. Callahan, Vice President Paul Faber, Treasurer Thomas Bates, and Clerk/Secretary Patricia Shuster. New council members include Cassandra Clark, Paula Hunter and Iris Waitt.

Clark, a resident of Peterborough, graduated from Bentley University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and holds an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University. His career began as a CPA at Ernst & Young LLP in Boston and Manchester. She has spent the past 25 years in several industries ranging from small business services, high tech startups, manufacturing and most recently outdoor sporting goods distribution.

Hunter, a resident of Francestown, is the executive director of the Mojaloop Foundation, a nonprofit charity focused on extending financial inclusion to unbanked and underserved populations in developing countries. She leads the foundation’s long-term planning and direction, grant oversight, strategic partnerships, and evangelism of the organization and its mission.

Waitt, a resident of Greenfield, is a senior heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) designer with consulting engineering firm Design Day Mechanicals. As an HVAC designer, she is driven to improve customers’ energy efficiency in practical, creative and cost-effective ways. Iris attended Boston University to get her bachelor’s degree in psychology, and after college spent a few years working as a social worker for a 25-bed rehab home in Worcester.

Other MCH board members include Robert Boyd, Dr. Peter M. Cerroni, Jeffrey R. Crocker, Carolyn D. Garretson, Dr. Gregory Kriebel, Leslie Lewis, Dr. Eric Lasky, Cynthia K. McGuire , Dr. Joseph Pepe, Lucas Shippee and Alex J. Walker.

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