Local author Tory Christie publishes second picture book for children


For author Tory Christie, writing a children’s picture book, aimed at smaller readers, challenged her in ways she never expected. Christie focused on the simplicity of the text while telling a story about the importance of each being’s place in the world. Then his publisher Amicus Ink found an illustrator who brought the story to life through beautiful images, and his “Big Blue Earth” series came to life.

The second book, “A Little Round Panda on the Big Blue Earth”, debuted in August, just two years after the first “A Little Brown Monkey on the Big Blue Earth”.

“I wanted something for young readers, and I wanted the kids to understand the space,” explained Christie. “These books focus on putting something very small like a monkey or a panda in a big world, so I wanted a child to be able to realize that he or she has a special place on this earth, and that we are all connected through it. “

Christie also hopes the books inspire readers to appreciate and enjoy nature as much as possible, while learning about animals and places they may not know much about.

Christie is also the author of the series “Curious McCarthy” which features a young scientist and her scientific adventures, most of which are based on Christie’s own childhood explorations. When not writing children’s books, Christie is a research scientist working for the US Geological Survey and recently completed her PhD in Environmental and Conservation Science at NDSU.

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Christie will celebrate her bison roots as well as her publishing success at the NDSU Homecoming. She is one of the authors featured at the NDSU Bookstore Regional Writers Showcase from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on October 8.

His books are available from NDSU as well as Zandbroz, Barnes & Noble, Amazon as well as on his own website.

Teachers or librarians interested in inviting Christie to speak to their students are encouraged to send a message through her website at www.torychristie.com.


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