Local author releases romance novel


“I would say that God gave me stories to tell, so from a tragedy sometimes a miracle comes out”

Diane Giroux says she always wanted to be a writer.

But it wasn’t until 2000 that a car accident gave him the inspiration to write a novel.

“I was in bed, 90% of my days, these stories came to me. So I wrote my ideas down in a book next to my bed,

The accident happened on March 16, 2000 and on March 16, 2021, she submitted her book “From Death do us Part” to the publisher.

“After 20 years, I am publishing my first book,” she said.

“I would say that God gave me stories to tell, so from a tragedy sometimes a miracle comes out.”

Giroux says the story is a love story with a lot of drama.

“As a reader, the characters and events that unfold throughout the book always make you feel a range of emotions such as sadness, happiness, anger and compassion, anger, disappointment, frustration. and pride.

Giroux believes the characters in the novel are relatable, and she says the story is moving fast.

“The story is like an exciting roller coaster ride with its ups and downs, twists and turns, so I want to tell readers to hang in there and enjoy the reading!”

The story revolves around the events that happened on September 11, 2001.

“Renée, our main character had found the love of her life: Paul Hamilton”, describes Giroux.

“She had a fairytale wedding and now a lovely house with a white picket fence. But soon after her marriage, her seemingly perfect life begins to fall apart. Paul comes from a wealthy Boston family and his Wealthy parents don’t think Renee is good enough for him. Then, when Paul is called to New York on business, he is in the Twin Towers when they are hit on September 11. Believing he is dead, Renee and her parents are devastated. “

However, one of those twists and turns is that Paul survived but lost his memory.

“Distraught and confused, he collapses on the doorstep of a young single mother named Rachel, and as she takes care of him, they slowly fall in love,” Giroux said.

“Meanwhile, Renee has found out that she is pregnant with Paul’s child. She doesn’t want her controlling parents to know about it. While going on vacation, she meets Matt, a doctor, who falls in love with her. ‘her. Through gossip, her in-laws find out that she is pregnant, and after Renee gives birth, they come to the hospital with documents giving them custody of the child.

“Renée’s devastating story makes the headlines, and when Paul sees it on TV, his memories come back to him. Now he must decide where his heart belongs.”

Giroux, who was born and raised in the North Bay area, says the book is available on multiple platforms, including KOBO and KINDLE via EBook, and print copies can be purchased through Amazon.ca, Barnes & Noble and Friesenpress.

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