Linda C. McClain and Nicole Huberfeld, author at the Mississippi Free Press


Linda C. McClain is a professor of law at Boston University. She is known for her work on family law, gender and law, and feminist legal theory. His most recent book, “Who’s the Bigot? Learning from Conflicts over Marriage and Civil Rights Law,” argues that while exposing and preventing bigotry is a shared political value with a long history, people disagree on who is a bigot and what makes a bigoted belief, attitude or action. This is clear from the retort that exposing bigotry is intolerant political correctness, indeed bigotry itself. Professor McClain is the author of several other books and numerous scientific articles and book chapters. Nicole Huberfeld is the Edward R. Utley Professor of Health Law in the School of Public Health and a professor of law in the School of Law. Her fellowship explores the cross-section of health law and constitutional law with a focus on health reform, federalism in health care (especially Medicaid) and public health, the federal spending power and reproductive rights. She is the author of the first new health care law casebook in a generation, “The Law of American Health Care,” with Elizabeth Weeks of the University of Georgia School of Law and Kevin Outterson, director Executive of CARB-X and N. Neal Pike Scholar in Health and Disability Law at BU Law, with a third edition due out in 2023. She is also co-author of Public Health Law, 3d Ed.


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