Lincoln Senior Aleah Henley Goes ‘Beyond Expectations’


“I believe in living to your fullest potential, and by showing leadership, we can help each other do that.” Those words, spoken by Lincoln High School senior Aleah Henley, are just the first in a long line that demonstrates why she is one of Tallahassee’s Young Women to Watch in 2022.

“Aleah is an outstanding young leader with investable potential,” says one of her mentors, Elizabeth Emmanuel, executive director of the Tallahassee Downtown Improvement Agency, where Henley is doing an externship. “His commitment goes beyond that. Aleah rises to the top of these categories thanks to her reliability, diligence and work ethic,” Emmanuel said.

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As a member of the track team and captain of her cross-country team, she enjoyed being part of the partnership of the International Rescue Committee and the Gulf Winds Track Club to help refugees find common ground. in the USA.

“We run together and get to know each other,” says Henley. “I always learn a lot by listening to other people’s stories.” She received the Scholar Award for the track and was named Most Valuable Runner.

Tallahassee is important to Henley, both as a hometown and as a place where she can make a difference through volunteerism. “It’s really cool to see companies working together,” she said.

Coordinating 50 volunteers to help paint graffiti at a small business to prep the wall for a mural seemed like the right thing to do. “There are a lot of special places in Tallahassee that haven’t been seen,” she says. “We can include more works of art in our city.”

One of his favorite parts of working with the Tallahassee Downtown Improvement Authority is coordinating concerts at Cascades Park. The connections and connections she has made inspire her to seek more leadership opportunities. “I want my future work to have an impact on others,” she says. Her plans after high school are to study international relations and philosophy at the University of Florida.

When she’s not working or volunteering, you might hear Henley playing Pink Floyd songs on her electric guitar or see her as a member of Model UN at Lincoln High School.

“One of my coaches says giving less than the best is sacrificing the gift, so I try my best to go as far as possible in everything from sports to volunteering to by the notes.” She is a recipient of the AP English and Language Department Award and enjoys creative writing as a way to express herself and communicate with others.

She actively seeks out mentors and role models, including her mother, who inspires her with her career’s dedication to serving non-profit organizations.

“I feel lucky to be in Tallahassee,” she says, and encourages her peers to seek out leadership opportunities where they can help others and create a domino effect that empowers everyone to live to their greatest potential.

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