Lanarkshire author’s love for local history inspires new war thriller series


A Hamilton author has released his new war thriller series, with plenty of local twists.

Retired David Walker mixes his love for Lanarkshire history with a compelling story that references a number of Hamilton’s gems.

The two-book series – with “Blackmail” followed by “Torres del Paine” – takes place on the front lines of World War I in 1916.

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He sees Hamilton Accies supporter Jamie Brown investigating a blackmail ring during the conflict – and along the way he encounters snipers; ace of the fighter; spies; gangsters; prostitutes and corrupt police.

Despite the historical background to the story, David delves into modern themes of non-judicial murder, gay rights, and fake news.

Hamilton author David Walker

“Torres del Paine” then covers a classic “thriller” tale – great for a vacation read or on a long-haul flight, says David.

The 65-year-old writer retired two years ago after a career in oil and, most recently, renewables.

His job involved many trips abroad where he spent his free time writing, but the end of his career allowed him to free up more time to pursue his passion.

David told Lanarkshire Live: “I started writing while I was traveling for work and then when I retired I started to take it more seriously and wrote these two books.

Blackmailed by David Walker

“The main character Captain Jamie Brown is from Hamilton, and he volunteers when war breaks out and he’s injured, but he always wants to do something, so he becomes an investigator.

“My family and school connections were the inspiration for the hero of my upcoming book ‘Blackmail’ from Hamilton and for the Scottish content of the book.

“I am also an amateur historian, with World War I and the Hamilton Regiment, the Cameronians, of particular interest.

“The character is a Hamilton Accies supporter, and there are a lot of little lines that the people of Hamilton would recognize and others maybe not.

“There’s a good dose of humor and joke with the serious story, and a lot of local references for people to pick up.”

Passionate about history himself, David loves finding new ways to make Lanarkshire’s past as interesting as possible.

He added, “I enjoyed doing the research side and doing something a little different.

“It was partly a liberation from work and it became more of an obsession when I retired, but it was also a chance to take a trip down memory lane and write about some of the story that I had known, and I hope to get it to a wider audience.

Also in their first months of release, the books have reached a solid audience.

And the author’s friends and family were most impressed with David’s work, and neither was his elderly mother who still lives in Hamilton.

David pays tribute to the 92-year-old Anne Walker, who sparked her interest in literature from her childhood and who is still extremely proud of her son’s work today.

“I’m proud of the release,” continued David. “I’ve always been interested in books ever since my mother pushed me to read when I was a child, to read detective stories, thrillers and thrillers.

“I think she’s probably the proudest of me since she came out.

“I put a lot of themes both modern and historical.

“I will continue to write, I have another book in progress at the moment and I have more to add to the Jamie Brown series.

“During the summer and the deadlocks, there was a lot of time to continue writing. It was nice, especially doing the research part and then being creative and making a story out of it.

“Much of Hamilton’s history was coal mining and much of that was visually removed, so there is definitely room for everyone to learn a bit more about local history. ”

The books are now available for purchase on Amazon and copies have also been donated to local libraries and schools.

You can purchase your copies of the books here.

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