Kyndryl Announces Distinguished Engineers Winners


Kyndryl, the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, announced 14 honorees representing its first class of distinguished engineers.
Kyndryl’s Distinguished Technical Program recognizes technical professionals and their groundbreaking contributions to serving customers in the areas of engineering, programming, infrastructure services, cyber resilience, and technical design.

These honorees join a distinctive and exceptional group of talented leaders already in the company, with Kyndryl’s Distinguished Technical Program now comprising more than 80 Kyndryl employees worldwide.

“Each exemplifies the values ​​we hold most dear – driving technical advancements that put Kyndryl at the heart of progress for our customers and the essential work we do to run their operations in the most modern and secure way,” said Antoine Shagoury, CTO of Kyndryl.

All members of the Class of 2022 will contribute time and ideas as part of a collaboration with the international non-profit organization TEACH, to provide hands-on science activities and STEM education for children facing medical conditions and disabilities.

Kyndryl’s Class of 2022 includes the following technical leaders from seven countries:

Ana Maria Bezerra (Brazil) for advancements in hybrid cloud technology and cross-architecture solutions, and as a mentoring lead for the managed services technical community in Latin America.

Kayla Broussard (USA) for her technical leadership and expertise in hybrid multi-cloud solutions, cyber resilience and data storage in the travel and consumer industry.

Karen Cheng (Canada) for her technical expertise and significant innovations in global advanced delivery and automation.

Nick Drouet (UK) for inventing innovative discovery tools and processes, and his continued leadership on critical infrastructure migrations to the cloud for leading global banking and public sector clients.

Hervé Durand (France) for his strategic leadership and technical capabilities in hybrid multi-cloud environments and his in-depth expertise in building and developing infrastructure skills.

Jason Jackson (USA) for creating industry-critical solutions and delivering a cross-industry customer solution for 5G private cellular services, edge computing and security.

Mike Lyons (Australia) for his technical leadership and innovation in critical enterprise network architecture and transformations.

Keisuke Maeda (Japan) for his continued leadership and innovation in sustainable building practices that analyze physical and digital data about individual buildings to reduce their carbon footprint.

Sam McConnell (USA) for his leadership in secure cloud migration, leading full integration lifecycles from discovery to final application analysis.

John Shuman (USA) for his technical leadership in the areas of storage, capacity planning, and hardware architecture of mainframe systems and for creating a growing community program of mainframe architects.

Kitty Smith (USA) for technical innovation in the retail and transportation sectors and the establishment of a new professional development program in site reliability engineering.

Vugranam Sreedhar (USA) for his contributions in software engineering for security and compliance, cloud, data science, artificial intelligence, blockchain and distributed systems.

Mike Treadway (USA) for his contributions to embedded application engineering, architecture, and new implementations of data analytics technologies.

Sarah B. Nelson (USA), Kyndryl’s first Distinguished Designer (DD), recognized for her exceptional leadership and expertise in the strategy and implementation of human-centered design, including research and design strategy, user experience (UX) and service design.

The title of Distinguished Engineer is awarded to those who are recognized experts and thought leaders in their fields of specialty and who have made outstanding technical achievements.

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