KU English Department Hosts 3-Day Creative Writing Workshop



The Dean of the School of Arts, Languages ​​and Literatures, Professor Adil Amin Kak also spoke on the occasion and congratulated the Department of English for organizing the workshop at a time when good writing is in high demand not only in universities but also on online platforms.

In her welcoming remarks, Professor Nusrat Jan, Head of the English Department and Coordinator of the Workshop, highlighted the achievements of the Department and said that the present workshop aims to help and guide promising writers in the development of their writing skills.

“The workshop would provide participants with the training and discipline required for good writing and allow aspiring writers to find their ‘writer’s voice,'” she said.

Professor Dhanoa, in his address, spoke about writing as a creative activity that can be learned through proper training, while emphasizing how workshops can provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas and help foster a community of writers.

Later, the Registrar also inaugurated the newly created language lab in the English Department.

Professor Nusrat said the language lab was a step towards upgrading the department’s infrastructural facilities and would facilitate the teaching of communicative English, phonetics and linguistics courses.

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